network marketing professionalBit of a touchy topic today… Are you a network marketing amateur or a network marketing professional? In my opinion this needs to be brought up, I see so many people marketing their businesses the wrong way. In ways that will actually hurt them!

Either they won't sign anyone up, or they'll get all their social media accounts reported for spam and shut down. Both will end up being a huge waste of your time. Commit to becoming an MLM professional.

The network marketing pro website is a great tool to becoming a network marketing professional.
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Here's some tips on how to succeed in network marketing.


What does the Network Marketing Amateur do?

The network marketing amateur sends people directly to their company opportunity page. This website is the same one that all company reps have, it doesn't make you stand out at all. People join people not companies in this industry. What would make them want to join you? What unique things do you bring to the table?

These company replicated pages are great for information, but terrible for selling and generating a lead. They often have no call to action to prompt the potential prospect to leave their information.

Amateurs also try to sign up everybody they meet. They think everyone is their target market. A good quote that summarises this is “marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.” You'll also often hear them say things like “join my team” or “looking for product testers.”

If you're doing this, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're spamming. This is ineffective and it's not marketing. Look around, no top company leaders do this. Click here to read more on this.
I don't say this to upset you, I'm telling you this because I don't want to see you struggle in this industry. Just by reading this you've put yourself above 99% of people in this industry because you're learning to better yourself and become a network marketing professional.

If you're serious about becoming a network marketing professional and want to learn how to market like all the top leaders do, click here to learn exactly what they do. This is how you become a network marketing professional.

What Does the Half Decent Network Marketer Do?

The half decent network marketer sends people to a capture page. A capture page is where someone can enter their contact information in exchange for an offer, a training, an ebook etc. They are exchanging their information for some sort of value. This is a little better because now these marketers are building their list and generating leads that they can keep in contact with.

In the first example of sending people to the company page, there usually isn't any way for them to become a lead. They click the little X never to return again…

Using a capture page is a bit better, but again it's like giving somebody a sales pitch right up front. Now sending people to capture pages works, if you have an audience that you've built trust with. Otherwise sending people you don't know to a page and telling them to enter their contact info won't work out very well. You'll get a few leads, but not many.

What Does the Network Marketing Professional Do?

The network marketing professional realises this is a multiple step process. You need to give value, once you have given enough value to the prospect for free, they will get to know like and trust you. What better way to get someone to like and trust you than to teach them something, for free!?

The network marketing professional creates content (eg. blog posts or videos) giving some highly valuable tips. Now when they point somebody to a capture page, the prospect is more likely to enter their information because they know, like and trust you. You've given them free valuable information without even asking for a penny from them.

So really it's a 3 step process.

  1. Create content giving value
  2. Generate the lead
  3. Follow up and close.

You may close the person into your opportunity, you may not. However, you have built your list. If the time becomes right for them in the future, they will join the person who has been giving them ongoing value, not the person who has just been sending them links without getting to know them or giving them any value. i.e. They will join the network marketing professional.

One book I absolutely recommend is Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre. In this book he teaches you what to do, what not to do, and how to become a network marketing professional.

Now that you have the facts, the ball is your court… Do you want to be an amateur, half decent, or an MLM professional?

If you are an mlm professional, you will have a better chance at recruiting professionals in network marketing.

Did you enjoy these tips on how to succeed in network marketing?

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