content marketing strategiesTo be successful at promoting your business online in this day and age, you need to employ content marketing strategies, and create relevant content on a consistent basis. Gone are the days when you could just post your product and claim it to be the best and have people buy it. We've moved into a value based society and you need to embrace content marketing strategies if you want to market yourself effectively.

Why Use Content Marketing Strategies?

Creating content positions you as an authority. Not everyone creates content, leaders create content. This can be in the form of a blog post such as this, a video, images etc. I've said over and over that people follow and join leaders, who give share valuable content.

I'll prove this to you, go and search for your favourite product line. Are you seeing the posts from companies who blog and give detailed explanations about the products? Are you seeing posts from people who create reviews (blogs and videos) and explain information about the product? Or are you seeing the people who just post that they offer the product or service?

I'm willing to bet you see the first two almost all the time. Why is this?
HINT: They're using content marketing strategies.

These people are offering real value to the marketplace, they are not just selling something – they're also educating people. Google and the other search engines know this based on the amount of time people spend on their pages, and how much engagement they get.

I mentioned before that this is a value based economy we're moving into. Producing content like this, properly promoted through content marketing strategies, can make you rank high in the search engines.

Can you see how, by using these content marketing tips, having people find you through Google would help your business?

People will be more obliged to do two things:

  1. They will be more likely to buy your products or services if they've gone through your content. (I'm sure you've checked out reviews on a product before buying or reviews of a gym before joining – this is the same principle).
  2. They will be more likely to consume your content than buy your product or service right away. (This is actually a good thing) People don't usually buy something the first time they see it, it takes an average of 7 exposures for someone to buy. So your options are: i) they don't buy, go away and never return; or, ii) they enjoy your content, don't buy, but subscribe to your email list and you can follow up with them and they can potentially buy later. Which would you prefer?

What is Valuable Content?

Content is anything that can be used to educate your prospect. Here's are some examples: Blog posts, videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc), articles, images (Pinterest, Instagram etc), emails, social media updates (more like micro content), podcasts.

Your Content Marketing Plan

Creating content is a great step in the right direction, but you need a content marketing plan. You can't just wing it. This should include documenting what you intend to post, when you intend to post it, and what you have posted. This will help to keep you consistent, and you can see what is working and how you can improve your content marketing strategies.

So you know you must create content, but how do you promote it so you get found?

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It's agreed that content marketing strategies are crucial for promoting online, check out more on that here.

Which Content Marketing Strategies Should You Use?

The main thing is to do the content marketing strategies that you enjoy. You can do what converts and will produce the most leads, but that will be different for everyone. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, you won't stay consistent. More on why consistency is so important herewithout it you will fail.

Personally, I enjoy blogging and making videos, so these are my primary forms of content. Video does convert the best so I do recommend doing that, you can be successful with any method though. I know people crushing it with Instagram, Facebook, Podcasting. Whichever form of content you choose to go with, learn it, create content and continue learning it.

Sharing – Your Content Could Go Viral

People love to share quality content. If your content is good and addresses a need, people may share it. Also encourage people to share it. This can help you reach an audience that you may not have found. People have friends with similar interests, therefore each time you get a share, a lot of the people seeing it will be in your target market. You could potentially have a few more hundreds or thousands of people who are exposed to your brand. I have a friend who recently got over 700 shares on a blog post she did.

Do you see the value of content marketing strategies?

Your Content is Forever

Content doesn't disappear, if hosted on your own website or blog. This is why it's essential to own your own space online. But my point is that once created, it's out there forever to inform your prospects and generate leads and sales for you. When people ask you questions, you can also send them a link to a piece of content you have that addresses that, and if you don't have one yet, create it. This saves you time and again positions you as the authority. In my opinion, this is one of the most important content marketing tips.

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