MLM promotionIf I were to ask you what your one job is as a network marketer, what would you tell me? If you answered promote, you're correct. Your primary job is to do MLM promotion. The problem becomes how to do effective promotion, and not just spam your links and pictures of your company product everywhere. In this article, I'm gonna explain how to promote your MLM business.

Why Do You Need to Do MLM Promotion?

The way you make money in the network marketing industry is to move your product or service, and recruit new representatives. This only happens when they see some material, either you present the products or opportunity to them, or you send them to a hotel meeting, or you have them watch a video. There are plenty of different media these days. When I started in the industry, there weren't all these fancy videos there are now.

So the way to make money in network marketing is to get more eyeballs on your presentation materials. There's some debate as to whether network marketing is a numbers game, that's a topic for another day, but I will tell you this. No matter how effective you are, if you invite 1 person to check out the presentation and I invite 100, I don't care how good you are, I will have better results than you.

It's very important to be effective in your promotion, but the bottom line is, if people aren't viewing your stuff, you won't sell anything.

How to Promote MLM Online

I'm a huge advocate of doing MLM promotion online. I'm gonna break down how we do this. The first step is to find where there are lots of people. I like to use social media websites and mlm forums or network marketing forums. Some good examples of network marketing forums are Better Networker, and MLM forum.

Before we jump ahead, I want to touch on what is not effective MLM promotion. Putting up pictures of your company and products with a link, is not effective MLM promotion. This only brands the company, and people don't get to know you. Your goal as a promoter is to become well known and a trusted authority.

Think of a cruise ship tour guide, for example, Julie from The Love Boat, if you're old enough to remember it 😛 Julie is a trusted authority, she didn't create anything, but she tells people where to go, what to do, and when people have a question, they come to Julie. This is what an effective promoter does. You want to be known as the go to authority in your niche. That can either be the network marketing industry, or the industry of the products or service that you're in.

Whatever you're promoting, make sure it is valuable to your audience.

What is Effective MLM Promotion?

We've discussed what is not effective MLM promotion, effective promotion is leading with value. You should provide your target market with information that will benefit them. I'll use the example of network marketers, you should provide them with training and tools on how to build their business online, how to use videos to build their company, how to use blogging to get leads and other ways to build their business.
Here's an example of a free training I offer to people from MLM legend Todd Falcone.

When you provide this kind of training, you really become the authority figure, as you're non threatening. You're not selling anything, you're just pointing people to a resource that will help them with what they're looking for. If you don't have training like that to offer people, check out how you can here.

It's important to have a place for these people to become a lead and get them on your list so that you can follow up with them. Do you think it's easier to generate a lead by giving them what they are interested in, rather than what you want them to be interested in? These are also higher quality leads, because they're interested in learning and taking action.

How to Promote MLM on Facebook

Here's a quick example on how I use Facebook for MLM promotion.

Facebook Profile – Brand yourself, not the company. Don't have logos and products of your network marketing company visible

Facebook Groups – Join as many groups in the home business, or your product niche, as possible. Don't go too fast, add a few a day. You don't want to end up in Facebook jail. Share valuable information in these groups (i.e. capture pages, where people can get valuable information and you can collect the lead). I do encourage promoting your own content such as blog posts and videos, but for now, let's start with just promoting training, this alone is enough to get you to full time in the industry.

Start slowly, again to avoid Facebook jail, and then slowly build up. eg. Start posting to 5 groups 3 times a day, then after a while you can post to 10 groups 3 times a day, and keep working up. Don't be discouraged if you don't get leads right away, this is a consistent strategy and it will snowball. Remember, consistency is key.

Did you get value from this post on How to Do Super Effective MLM Promotion? If so, please leave a comment below and consider promoting it on social media, your audience will thank you for it.

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