make money in MLMDo you want to know how to get more people to join your company, or buy your product or service? That would be pretty cool, right? In today's post I'm going to outline a way that you'll be able to get more people to join you, and make money in MLM. You'll also be able to take action on this right away.

How Do You Make Money in MLM?

Only a small portion of people will ever join you, network marketing is a numbers game. How would you like to profit from the people who also say no to you? Click here to learn how you can do that.

How to make money in network marketing? By people joining your team or buying your product, but how do you increase those numbers? By getting more exposures, basically, getting more eyeballs on the presentation. So the more people that see your presentation, the more people can join your company, or buy your products.

You might be giving out great value, but if you only get one set of eyeballs on the presentation in a month, you can only sign up one person in a month. If someone else gets 10 exposures to the presentation per day, they have the potential to sign up more people than you.

Obviously quality over quantity also comes into play, you want to be showing your opportunity to qualified people. This will increase your conversions but you also need a balance because you also need to get a good amount of people to see the presentation. This is one of the secrets to make money in MLM.

Now if you're not making as much money as you want to make in your business, I'm willing to bet that you're probably not getting as many exposures to the presentation as you could.

Start small, get 1 qualified person to view your presentation per day. If you do this, your business will explode. You will start sponsoring people and making money. Of course, you need to follow up with these people. You also need to do this consistently.

How to Make Money Fast in Network Marketing

Once you get 1 person per day consistently, you can work your way up. Now I get 3-5 qualified people per day to view a presentation. These are all people who have requested information from me, and now I can follow up with them after they've viewed the presentation. Starting small is fine, but do it consistently. 1 exposure per day, or even 3 per week is fine and will build your business, as long as you do it consistently.

This is also important because your team will do what you do, so you need to lead by example.

You can have the best products and compensation plan in the world, but if you're not getting exposures to the presentation, you can't sponsor anyone into your business and you can't impact as many lives.

Will you get nos? Absolutely! Will you get a lot of nos? Absolutely. Even the very best closers in this industry close around 30%. Remember, you need to do exposures to even stand a chance at getting a yes.

As more qualified people see your presentation, some of these people will sign up. When you're dealing with qualified prospects, it becomes a numbers game.

Network marketing is a numbers game, but recruiting is also a fundamental skill.
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