MLM contentDo you struggle to come up with new MLM content? If so, this post will help you out. You know it's important to create content for your network marketing business, that's why you're on this page.

Creating content allows people to find you via an MLM blog or videos and you can really leverage, but how can you possibly keep coming up with new content almost daily? I explain that in the video below.

Unlimited MLM Content Made Easy…

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How can you come up with new fresh ideas of new MLM content for your audience every day? This is a question I get asked a lot. Here's how you do it without giving out tons of duplicate content.

This powerful acronym will really help you out. ILT

  • Invest
  • Learn
  • Teach

You invest your time, and possibly money, to learn something, and then you teach it. Here's a real example of that. Let's say you invest your money to buy a book on the network marketing industry. You learn from the book, and then you turn around and teach what you've just learned. You don't teach it word for word, but you put your spin on it and add your experience. There's a key reason why you must do this…

It's because your vibe attracts your tribe. Certain people will vibe with you more than me, and that's ok, some people will be more attracted to others. You can do this from things that you learn from books, videos, courses, webinars, live training events. Any piece of content that you consume…

As you apply the things that you learn, you'll face your own challenges and find things that work well for you and things that don't work as well. This allows you to add your own perspective and make it personable to you.

How to Make Your MLM Content Original

Some people have told me that they feel like they're copying, or just ripping off someone else's content. If you feel that way, don't worry, I'll explain exactly why you shouldn't feel that way and how to get over it.

Think back to when you were in school, you probably had some teachers that you loved, and some that you hated. Let me ask you, the teacher that you loved, do you think he or she invented the pyramids, or trigonometry or the thing that you enjoyed? I'll let you answer that. 😉 Your teachers learnt the stuff, and then they taught it.

So what the teacher did was to put their own spin on it, and then they taught it in a fun and dynamic way. That's probably why you loved that teacher.

It's about being the messenger and giving people content in a way that they can relate to it. When you do this, they'll really take in the content in a way that can appeal to them.

So this is how you're gonna use ILT, invest, learn, teach. If you apply this, you'll come up with a never ending supply of MLM content for your blogs, videos, social media channels etc. If you really apply this, you will never run out of MLM content and multi level marketing tips to provide to your audience.

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