MLM daily routineSo I've got something exciting for you today… Would you like to get access to my hands on, no holds barred MLM daily routine, otherwise known as DMO (daily method of operation)? If you said yes, then this post is for you. Now first, I'm gonna tell you why you should care. This daily method of operation has gotten me to rank advance twice within a 6 week period, and it has also helped me to sponsor 4 people into my business within 10 days, and 5 people within a 14 day timespan.

So, wanna know how I did it? I deliver the goods below…

MLM Daily Routine Part 1

MLM Daily Routine Part 2

You'll see in the videos that I leverage a system to provide valuable tools and trainings to others. If you'd like to be able to provide these same resources to your audience, take your risk free test drive here.

Please watch the videos, I've attempted to summarise it as best I can below, but you'll see more in detail in the video, and you can see exactly what I do.

Now bear in mind, this is just my MLM daily routine. You do not have to do everything that I do. If you are not at the level to do this much, that's fine, pick some things you can stay consistent with and follow them.  The main goal is to find things that you can be consistent with. Ok, let's get to it…

My MLM Daily Action Plan

I post a motivational post each morning. People tend to need motivation in the morning, and they really appreciate this. People in the network marketing industry love motivational quotes and inspirational messages. If you're reading this, chances are, you do too. I post an image, and then I usually like to create a short story around it. I connect with the people who engage with the picture, not to pitch them on anything, just to continue the relationship and build rapport. I often leave a link with the picture and text description. I've found that when you deliver value, people are more inclined to click the link.

I publish a blog post and video. I create a blog post and video most days. Sometimes I like to take a day off, but I'd say I create a video and blog post, a minimum of 3-4 times a week. These are giving value to my audience. I upload my video to YouTube and I embed it into my blog.

After publishing it, I email my list. I email my list with the link to my content, to provide them with daily value. You should have an email list. If you're not building an email list, it would be wise to start. Just think if you were to change companies, if your company were to shut down, or for whatever reason you were no longer there. With an email list you're protected, you have a list of people with whom you've been building relationships and many will follow you into a new company. Also consider that it takes the average person 8-15 exposures to buy something, with an email autoresponder you can follow up frequently to deliver value without making that “Hey are you still interested in my company” call every few weeks.
If you don't have an autoresponder yet, go here to get one, you get a free month, on me. 🙂

Proof of My Results:

MLM daily routine

I syndicate my blog post and video. Syndication just means commenting and sharing. So I share my blog post and video to a few groups where we all like and comment on each other's content.

Publish my video to Facebook. I post this around 10AM MST. I've found this time gets a lot of interaction for me, I'm not quite sure why. I post it on my profile, my fan page, and share it into groups. Again, I connect with the people who engage with the video, by simply messaging them, thanking them for liking and continuing a conversation, or continuing a conversation from a comment they left. I then share my post from my fan page to a bunch of network marketing groups.

If you're not connected with me on my Facebook profile, or my Facebook Fan Page, click on them and let's connect.

Social Monkee. Social Monkee generates backlinks for your content, whichever link you want to generate backlinks for. Backlinks may sound scary, but they're just links back to your content, and it helps with Google rankings. The video shows my Social Monkee procedure in a bit more depth. You'll want to start using Social Monkee to promote your blog links, video links, or any other content. Click here to get started with Social Monkee.

Connect with 10 people per day on Facebook. I find 10 people also in the network marketing industry, and I connect with them and send them a message. I don't pitch anything, I just create a relationship. Learn more on how I do this, here. You can do this on any social media platform, I prefer to use Facebook. I also message 20 people per day that I'm already connected with to build the relationship further. This is so important, this is relationship marketing, yet many of us forget to build the relationships. I go more into depth in part 2 of the video above, make sure to watch it.

In my downtime, I go through marketing training and personal development. I forgot to mention that in the video, but I do some personal development every day. It's so important to your success so make sure you do it too.

I sometimes post other value in Facebook groups in my downtime, for more detailed information on what, and how, go here. I also mention that I promote webinars, there's free trainings every Tuesday and Wednesday that I promote. These are great to provide free value to your audience and they will love you for it. If you want to be able to offer these to your audience, take your test drive here and I'll show you exactly how to start leveraging them to build your business.

And finally, I connect with all of my leads. If leads leave a phone number, I call them. If leads just leave an email, I follow up with them by email. Make sure you do this, your leads are leaving you contact information for a reason, they want help or information from you. If you need help with what to say to your leads, here's one of the best trainings around.


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