mlm distributorsHave you been trying to get results in your MLM business, but you're not getting the results that you want? Perhaps you've been getting results, a few sales and signups here and there, but you're not getting the consistency that you'd like… How would you like to know the secrets of successful MLM distributors?

And when I say the secrets of successful MLM distributors, I mean all of them, without a doubt have followed this path…

Decide Your MLM Business Goals

First you need to get clear about what kind of results you want to create in your MLM business. What kind of income do you want to generate, what kind of impact do you want to create, and what kind of legacy do you want to leave with your business? Once you know what you want to accomplish, then you can set about doing it.


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If you've struggled in your business, I can relate, I also struggled in my business for many years. I got some small results, I made a few sales, got a sign up here and there, but I was never able to get the results that I wanted. When we learn about the network marketing industry and see what's possible for MLM distributors, many of us set very high goals for ourselves.

I wasn't able to achieve these goals in the first few years and it frustrated me. So if you're in that boat, I can definitely relate.

I set out to figure out, what was I doing wrong…?

I Didn't Have an MLM Business Plan…

Turns out I was taking the actions, but I wasn't doing them as consistently as I needed to. Once I changed this part of my mindset, I began to see more results. The main thing I started doing was to marry the process, and divorce the result.

I know that sounds a bit weird… but the analogy is so true.

An MLM business plan is so important. You need to know what tasks to do on a daily basis, and you need to keep track of them to make sure you're achieving them. Every business has a business plan, so you too need an MLM business plan if you want to join the group of successful MLM distributors.

You continue with the tasks that you need to do, regardless of whether or not they appear to be working. Even if they don't get you results in a day, week or month, you still do them, day in, day out.

A good example is exercise. If you're trying to lose weight, it's not going to happen overnight! You might not reach your goal in the first week or month, but you stick with it. The same thing applies in your business.

Let's apply this to your business. If you're trying to get leads and sales from Facebook, through video marketing for example, you're not going to get results overnight. You must still stick with it!

Successful MLM Distributors Formula

One caveat to taking consistent action, you need to be doing the things that actually work. If you do something everyday that doesn't work, you're not going to get results. So how do you know if something is the right strategy and if it will work for you?

That's actually pretty simple, if it's worked for others, then it does work. And what this means is that it can work for you too. If a strategy has worked for other MLM distributors, and you follow that system, it will work for you, if you do it in the right way.

You may have heard the expression, find someone who has what you want, do what they do, and you'll get what they get.

This is 100% true, and you need to be consistent. If using a Facebook marketing strategy for example, where you connect with 10 new people per day, don't just stop after a few days or weeks if you don't see an increase in sales. Many people then say “it didn't work for me”, “I tried it out”, or “I did that.”

Can you see the problem with this? If it's worked for someone else and not for you, then you've not done it to full effect, you need to go back and study what that person did to have success, and make some tweaks to your approach.

I've been guilty of this too, I made every excuse in the book. Only when I came clean with myself and devoted my time to learning what I needed to do, did I start to turn things around.

Now it's like night and day, I'm extremely consistent. I marry the process, and divorce the result.

Check out here why consistency is so important in your business.

This can be applied to any area of your life, not just business…

If you're being consistent, but you're not doing the right things in your business, contact me. I've been there and I'd be more than happy to help you come up with a game plan to take consistent daily action to start getting the results you deserve in your business.

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