MLM downlineHaving a celebrity in your MLM downline would be pretty cool wouldn't it? But do you know what to do when you have a celebrity in your downline in order to build your team? Now you may not have a celebrity in your downline, so I'll also tell you how to leverage having a celebrity in your upline, crossline, or anywhere in your network marketing company.

So why am I talking about this? The reason is that a well known basketball player recently joined a well known network marketing company. When a celebrity or high profile person joins your company, it can be huge for exposure; however, most people use this the wrong way. Wanna know the right way to leverage this person's status to explode your team and add more distributors? Check out the video after the jump…

How to Leverage a Celebrity in Your MLM Downline

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So it's great having a celebrity in your MLM downline, to create more exposure and some more buzz around your business. but the way I've seen most people do it doesn't help their business. The way I've seen most people do it is to post a picture of that person and a picture of their company, accompanied by their link below it.

Some people will be intrigued and click your link to check it out, but here's what I think would be a smarter way…

Instead of giving everything away, force people to reach out to you. Force them to contact you about your business. That way you can get the conversation flowing, and be able to ask the questions so you can see if it's a fit for them. If your prospect just goes to the link, they'll check it out, they may say yes, they may say no, and you may never get a chance to talk to them.

So… How do you do that?

How MLM Top Earners Market

What I suggest doing, is posting a picture of that person, and create a curiosity post.
Check out the video to hear a couple of examples of curiosity posts you can use right away. Use this with a call to action to get people to contact you. I also give an example of this in the video.

This is way better and you don't give the link away. People have to reach out to you and people will be wondering how you're working with this celebrity.
Warning: This will create a crazy amount of intrigue and people will want to know…

You can also go back to people who you prospected in the past, or fans of this celebrity, and ask them a couple more questions that I outline in the video. If you know people who follow that person, this becomes really fun, especially when you simply ask if they're open. 😉

In the future, I foresee this happening a lot more, especially as more celebrities are being attracted to the network marketing industry. A lot of athletes especially are starting to realise the power of residual income, even more so when they realise that their careers don't last forever. Celebrities understand residual income very well, and they can leverage their existing following.

In the video, I also cover some specific tips I have for one celebrity, and how he could have done a better job at promoting his network marketing business and building his MLM downline.

Story telling is what this industry is all about.
Here's some free training on how you can leverage a celebrity in your MLM downline by crafting a compelling story…

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