MLM helpI was talking to someone the other day, and he asked me for some MLM help when talking to a prospect. Before helping him, I stopped and thought to myself, what is the best way I can help this person, how can I best serve him?

I help anyone in any company, and I'll help them with whatever I can, but what really is help. If I do something for someone, is that really helping them? If this is confusing you, that's fine, it will make more sense when you read the rest and check out the video below.

Some MLM Help – F#*@ It Up


Somebody messaged me the other day, while he was talking with a prospect, and he asked for some help, since he knows that I talk to a lot of prospects on social media. He even sent me a transcript of the conversation and he said to me, “Kay, I don't want to f*#@ it up.”

So what did I do? I want to provide the best MLM help I can, so I thought to myself. I could tell this person what to say, that has been successful for me in similar situations, but that person won't always have access to me, I won't always be able to type to them or speak in their ear. I aim to empower people to develop their own style, and to be able to gain the necessary skills for themselves. You've heard that give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish thing, right? Same applies here.

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So I said to him, “I want you to f*#@ it up.” Now I didn't want this to happen to see this individual lose the sale, I wanted this to happen because it's the best way to learn. The only way you're going to learn and grow is by making mistakes. This happens in sports, music, any career etc.

We're conditioned to not want to mess things up, remember in school how bad you felt when you got that big X… Sometimes mistakes are the best things you can make. So how do you do that, without feeling bad about messing it up?

Simply, you talk to more people. Learn more on how many you should talk to here.

If you're only talking to one person, you will feel the scarcity, it's impossible not to. I recommend talking to at least 10 new people per day, and when you do that, you won't feel the scarcity. At that point you won't mind if you mess it up, you can look back on it as a good learning experience.

Too many people get upset when they mess it up, expect that you will mess it up, and don't expect any results, at least for the first 90 days. Now you very well may get some results, and that's something that I help all people do, but don't expect it. Expect that there will be a learning curve and that you will mess it up. You are learning a new skill set after all.

I've been there, with blogging, videos, even with communication… And I've seen myself develop in all those areas. Keep at it, keep making mistakes, and you will progress.

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