MLM marketing tipsConsistency is a buzz word in this industry. People say consistency is key, is there any truth to that? Here I'll lay out some MLM marketing tips on consistency and why it is so key to building your network marketing business.

MLM Marketing Tips – Consistency is Key

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Let's take an example of playing piano, do you think you're gonna be more successful if you play once in a while (every couple of weeks) or do you think you'll have better results playing every single day (even if it's only a little bit every day)? Obviously the small daily action over time will produce better results.

This goes for any skill. The more consistent you are, the better you'll get at it. This is why consistency is key. You'll know this if you've learned any musical instrument, language, or sport. Pretty much if you've ever learned any skill to be honest.

Anyone can say consistency is key, be more consistent. I'll tell you what I've been able to accomplish through being consistent. Look at my blogs, videos and Facebook . In the last 6 months, perhaps just over 6 months ago, I began blogging. I've been doing it consistently and also doing videos. I've been able to sponsor 1-3 people per week into my business, and I have daily leads and sales flowing in like clockwork.

I've also been ranked number 9 out of all MLM blogs for this year. When you consider how competitive the network marketing niche is, that's incredible, and that was before 6 months of consistency was even over. You can check me out on that list here.

I wasn't getting anywhere near these results before, and the funny thing is, I didn't change that much … the main thing was being consistent. Let's say you have something that works, if you're not consistent, it wont work. Just do it, even when you don't feel like it, even when it's raining, even when it's snowing… You get the point.

Being consistent also increases your visibility factor so people know who you are. eg. when you post on social media regularly, people will look out for your content. If you post for a while then you disappear, people will forget about you. I'm sure you even know some people like this, you've probably seen some people post some great stuff or videos on social media, and then they slowly disappear. Do you remember them or feel compelled to go check up on their latest stuff? Chances are probably not. Try it for yourself… if you're consistent and you post good content, then people will come to you for advice.

The same goes with MLM marketing videos, if you make and post them consistently, people will look out for your videos. This has been a huge part of building my business.

MLM Tips for Beginners

So I've said be consistent, and I mention doing blogging and videos, but how do you tie this all together? I was recently interviewed on how I do this, step by step, each day, and you can follow this, even if you're new to the industry. I share my MLM marketing tips that have gotten me success such as being ranked number 9 blogger in the network marketing industry, signing up 4 people in 10 days, and 5 people in 2 weeks etc. I also share my exact blogging process that I've never shared with anyone before, and I also share my follow up and closing process.
I literally give away all my secrets, for free… I must be crazy!

Enough talking, I'm sure you want the goods. You can check out that full interview right here.
I would suggest having a pen and paper handy.

So to wrap it up, consistency really is how you'll be successful in your business. Ask any top earner and they'll tell you that too. One top earner even told me that he doesn't do anything major but he is consistent, he prospected 2 people per day, every single day! I suggest doing more than that 😉 but you get the point.

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