MLM MindsetDo you want to know the secret to creating success in your business? This applies for all business, online, offline, network marketing businesses, or even just life in general etc, not just MLM mindset.

It's the 21/90 rule. Using the 21/90 rule, I've been able to go from earning $0 in my business, to earning a full time income online. I've also used it to learn skills such as playing musical instruments, losing 25 pounds and going from out of shape to one of the fittest people at my gym… The list goes on. The 21/90 rule will be invaluable to you for accomplishing anything you want to.

So what is it anyway…

The 21/90 rule refers to the fact that it takes 21 days to create a habit, and 90 days to create a lifestyle.
I did a live interactive video which will give you the best idea of exactly what I mean, and some examples of how it's transformed my life.

This platform played a critical role in developing my habits and lifestyle in my business. If you want to change your habits and lifestyle like I did, I highly recommend you check it out.

I've been in the network marketing industry for almost 10 years now, wow that makes me sound old. 😛 In the first 6 years, I didn't really make a penny, I made some small cheques, but my autoship was way more and I wound up $20,000 in debt from my business.

Fast forward a few years and I've had more success in the past year, than I did in the previous 8…
What changed? My habits and lifestyle, the 21/90 rule. MLM mindset training was a key factor in that.

MLM Mindset – How to Create a Habit

Do something for 21 days, this can be blogging, making videos, eating healthy, going to the gym, reading… whatever you want to change in your life. Will be hard, yes. Will be different, yes. but force yourself to do it. After 21 days it becomes weird not to do it. Honestly try it, after 21 days of eating healthy, it will be weird to not eat healthy. After 21 days of blogging, I can say for me personally that it was weird when I took a day off from blogging.

MLM Mindset – How to Create a Lifestyle

After 90 days, this becomes a lifestyle. You literally become a different person, and you start to manifest results in your life. Don't focus on the first 21 days, creating the habit is just the foundation. Be consistent for 90 days and you will create a completely different lifestyle for yourself.

I've done this with blogging, I've done this with blogging, videos, and Facebook so far. You can learn how I've done them by clicking on the names in the line above.

The one mistake I see people making is they bounce from one thing to the next, videos, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc… The best advice I could give you is to pick one strategy, focus on it, and master it. Create a habit and a lifestyle, and then when you're getting results and it becomes second nature, then move on and add another strategy.

But Kay, you do more than one strategy! That's right, I do; however, I've done what I described to you, I learned one at a time, I created a habit, a lifestyle, and also results before choosing to learn another.

There's so much more I can't even go into here, watch my MLM mindset video to learn the exact steps I took to create those habits and lifestyles and how you can do the same in your business.

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