MLM MistakesDo you want to know what one of the biggest MLM mistakes I've seen people make when promoting their MLM businesses? I notice this especially on social media such as Facebook, people make this mistake on their profiles, as well as their fan pages. That mistake is branding the company, not themselves.

Why should you brand yourself, and more importantly, how should you brand yourself? It sounds easy enough for someone to say, but how do you actually do it. I'll answer this for you right now.

At first, these MLM mistakes sound counter-intuitive, but it starts to make sense when you look at it a little deeper. Most of us do this at one point or another. I did it when I first joined the network marketing industry. I posted pictures from my company online, with their logo and product.

Now, I love the products, and it gave my prospects some great information, but it did absolutely nothing to brand me. It just branded the MLM company.

This is one of the biggest mistakes in network marketing.



Most distributors also make this mistake on their pages, they advertise their network marketing company name on their Facebook profile, and they name their fan page after the company too. This is usually done in the form of “Independent Associate at _____” “Brand Ambassador at _____” “Works at _____” etc.

If you're making this MLM mistake, I don't mean to upset you, but I feel you should know, that's totally ineffective. It's not marketing and it's actually hurting your business.

Overcoming MLM Mistakes – Why Brand Yourself

First we have to ask, why do we want to brand ourselves, and not the company?

You need to brand yourself, first and foremost, because people join people in the network marketing industry, they don't join companies. The second reason that you need to brand yourself is that branding the network marketing company creates absolutely no intrigue whatsoever.

If people know right away what company you're promoting, what do they do? They go to Google, form their own opinion on the products and company, they check things out, and then what reason do they have to come and join you, rather than someone else they find online?

If you've already developed rapport with someone, they may come and join you, but if it's just someone you've struck up a friendship with on Facebook and they don't really know you, they'll likely find someone else and join or buy through them.

What you need to do is brand you, and create intrigue.

Branding yourself is critical in the network marketing industry. If you look at any top leaders in your company, or any company, you'll notice that they do this. They either brand their name, or their team name, they don't brand the company that they promote.
It's not a coincidence that all successful leaders do this.

When you mention the company name when using a title, it makes you sound like an employee. We're entrepreneurs in this industry, and when people see that it can be a bit confusing. If you're an employee of the company, then this is fine.

The one exception is if you own the company. If you created the company or product then you can name your fan page after the company or put it in your profile. Otherwise you should brand yourself 100% of the time.

Overcoming MLM Mistakes – How to Brand Yourself

In order to brand yourself, you need to stop branding the network marketing company. eg. On your fanpage, don't write ‘Works at MLM company name' or any of the things we discussed above. Instead, use Your Name, or Home Business Owner at Your Name, or Entrepreneur at Your Name. You can use what you like, but use your name, not the company name.

I use my own name, Kay Somji, as my brand. Ultimately, you are the reason people join you, not because of the amazing company, miracle product or cutting edge compensation plan that you have. People join because of you, because they know like and trust you, and they've gotten value from you, plain and simple.

You are your brand, so decide how you want to be known. I'm known as the authority in network marketing who helps people build their businesses online using social media and blogging. Therefore, this is what I project to my audience, I give tips, training and advice on building a network marketing business online. Think about what you want your brand to be, and how you want to be known. And then go and help people in that area.

Now that you know you should brand yourself, here's some other tips on branding yourself on Facebook.

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