MLM MotivationDo you know how to provide MLM motivation for your team? How do you get them to do the things you wish they would do?
In today's video post, I explain how to get your team members to do the things you want them to do. How to get them to do the things that will help them grow their businesses, and yours…

Note: This post is not about general network marketing motivation such as motivational quotes for network marketing or network marketing motivational videos…

MLM Motivation – How to Motivate Your Team

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Firstly, let's think… What is this industry? The network marketing industry is a leadership oriented industry, that focuses on duplication. You've probably heard the word “duplicatable” or “duplicable” thrown around a lot, (for the record, I think it's “duplicatable”) and it's very monkey see, monkey do. This is why you see a lot of the people who have incredible success are action takers.

The best MLM motivation you can give your team, is to do the things that you wish they would do.

So if you want your team to start talking to more people, you've gotta talk to more people. Because it's duplication, people are gonna look at you, see what you're doing, and then they're gonna do it.

If you want your team to start creating content, which is something I recommend everyone do, then you have to create content. I create content on a daily basis, and when people see that, they also do that. Even if they don't follow through and do it, they'll see you doing it, and this gives them the best shot to follow through and do it for themselves.

Some people reach a certain rank in their network marketing company, and then say they're just gonna focus on helping their team, they won't do the things that they want their team to do, but they're gonna tell them to do it anyway. When it comes to MLM motivation, this is a problem…

Network Marketing Motivation Tips

Your team are going to look at what you're doing, and they're going to do that. Remember, this is a duplication model. So if they see you just taking a leadership role and not doing the things you tell them, they're going to do what you do. This won't help your team to the best of your abilities. I always say do the things you wish your team would do.

For example, if you want them to:

  • Talk to more people, you talk to more people.
  • Do more meetings with prospects, you do more meetings with prospects
  • Prospect more people on Facebook, you prospect more people on Facebook
  • Do blogging, you start blogging
  • Making videos, you start making videos

You get where I'm going with this by now. You also need to be consistent with the things you do, as you do them consistently, more of your team will begin to do them.

Keeping it simple is also key. Make these tasks things that they can do right away. In this industry, we can't always duplicate the things that 7 figure earners do, we can't all get up on stage and have thousands of people listen to us; however, we can do the things that I mentioned above.

This is why I like to keep things simple. Anybody can start blogging like I do, they can market on Facebook like I do, and they can pull out their phone and start making videos like I do. I'll leave some trainings below if you'd like some help on those.

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