MLM product post imageYour business is not your MLM product or your MLM business. Does that sound kind of confusing?
Think your business is Company XYZ? Think again. Your business is You Inc. your MLM company is just one component of your business.

We're taught in network marketing, to have multiple streams of income, yet most don't practise what they preach. If you're just promoting your company, how is that multiple streams of income? It all revolves around your product or service being sold. Check out the video to see what I learned from my trip to Apple…

Offer More Than Just Your MLM Product

Check out some additional tools, here, that you can offer to other entrepreneurs to build their businesses, brand themselves, and create a side income, just as all  top earners do.

Most network marketers think that their business is their MLM product and only offer that. If you do that, it's not your fault, I used to do the same thing too. You may think you're in skicare, health and wellness etc, but that's not entirely true. Your MLM product is just one component of your business.

Imagine if Apple said, this person already has a Macbook, so I'm not going to sell them anything. Or if they said that person uses a PC, so I'm not going to sell them a pair of headphones. That sounds crazy, but that's exactly what most of us do in our network marketing businesses. If someone is in our company, or if someone is in a different company and doesn't want to join us, we often move onto the next person. What if you could profit from the people who don't join you?

Your MLM company and MLM products are just one part of your business.

If you don't agree, look at the top earners in your company…

I guarantee when you go to seminars and training events, there's things for sale at the back of the room, books, CD's, training courses, additional seminars and events etc. These leaders have other things to offer you besides joining their team or buying their product. This is because they realise that not everyone is going to join you or buy from you. In fact, 90% of the people you talk to will never join you or buy from you. All top earners know that making money from the people who say no, is really powerful.

If you want to get results like this, then you need to start doing this in your business too. It becomes really powerful because you can also generate income even when nobody joins you.

So how do you do this when you don't have any results yet?

Top Earners Have More Than MLM Products to Sell

There are tools you can leverage, created by others, that will appeal to people in the network marketing industry, and that pay affiliate commissions. These also position you as the authority and will have people coming to you, instead of you chasing them.
One such tool is a system I use that you can check out here.

All top earners have multiple streams of income, and their network marketing residual income is just one of those streams. They have additional income from their courses, coaching, seminars, ebooks etc.

Don't close yourself off, your business is like a shop. If someone can benefit from your network marketing business, great. If they already have one, you can help them out in theirs, by providing them valuable tools and training, and profiting. So it's a win, win.

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