MLM ProductsSTOP posting pictures of your MLM products. Please… Just stop doing it!

You're probably thinking, ‘what on Earth!?' If I don't post pictures of my network marketing products, how will anyone know about my business. It may shock you to learn that all the top industry leaders don't post pictures of their products, you know who does, the amateurs. This is exactly what new people do, and this is exactly what I did, and probably all of you did when you started out.

In this article I'll explain why not only is it hurting your business, your business will get much better when you stop posting pictures of your MLM products.

It makes sense right, post pictures of my network marketing products, list the benefits, and people will want to take it because I have the best product in the world right… Not quite…

If you've been in the industry for some time, you've probably done this and realised it doesn't work. The company may get more popular, and more people may take products, but it doesn't seem to increase your paycheque much. I'll explain exactly why that is.



What Do MLM Products Pictures Do?

When you post pictures of your MLM products, it shows everyone on social media, or whatever you're posting, the products you promote. It shows off how good they are and gets people familiar with them. However, it creates no intrigue.

Then what happens. People will contact you to ask about it right…

Wrong! If only that were the case.

People go straight to Google. When they do, one of three things happens.

  1. They find a negative review – There's always negative reviews on everything, even great products. When your prospect finds these, they're more likely not to buy, and often won't, without even messaging you to ask.
  2. They will find someone else in the company, who is much more successful than you, and they will go and join them. This happens very often, and the worst thing is, you won't even know it's happened until that person has joined another team. It only makes sense right, why would someone join you when they're starting out, if they can join someone who has made millions? The only time people will come back, is if they are very close to you and know you personally.
  3. They purchase it directly from the company website – Yes I've seen this happen many times. Most potential customers don't understand the network marketing business model. You'd be surprised how many people don't know how network marketing works, and thinks that network marketing distributors are just resellers. I've heard this personally from lots of people who go and buy directly from the main company website.

In each of these three cases, all of the hard work you've done promoting your products has gone to waste.

Another issue is everyone does this. If everyone posts pictures, what makes you stand out, why should anyone join you?

Now why do you see some people having success with this strategy?

The answer is you don't. The only exception is when someone has an established network of loyal people who will come back to them, or when the product isn't well known. In this case, you could market to your close network in this way, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

When you become a big leader, this works because you have a loyal following who will do what you say. It also works for some top leaders because they make huge amounts of money. People are likely to join them because of their recognition and success results. Besides, if you were to search on Google, you'd probably come across these same people too, which refers back to point 2 above. If you're not a well known leader in your company, this isn't a smart strategy. Regardless, I still wouldn't do it anyway.

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But My Company Has the Best MLM Products

So what should you post? You can post pictures of your MLM products, just don't give it all away, create some intrigue to make someone take action. Post results pictures, post testimonials of results on the products, post pictures of your MLM products without giving it all away. eg. You could post a picture of a weight loss shake without showing what it is or saying what it is.

To recap, not posting pictures of your MLM products creates intrigue, and it forces people to contact you to find out about what you have to offer. This is the essence of marketing, to put out something which will cause a person to take an action. What you want to do instead is to post text, pictures, or videos that create intrigue, and more people will contact you about your MLM products. This can also be applied to your MLM business opportunity.

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