MLM ProductsHave you given out samples of your MLM products before? Many network marketing companies encourage distributors to give out samples of their products to people to try, and when they like them, they'll come back and order, sounds pretty straightforward right? Let me ask you, how's that worked out for you so far?

If it hasn't worked out too well for you, you're not alone. In fact, giving out samples of MLM products can be a great strategy, but if you don't do it the right way, you can just end up giving away a lot of free stuff and no one ends up ordering your MLM products. This is what happened to me, so I wanted to create this post, to explain how I started using samples effectively in my business.

Here's the system I use to find prospects online to send samples to. If you want to find prospects online to contact you about your products, check this out.

Why Give out MLM Products Samples?

If you have a great product, giving out samples can really get people to try your product and get to like it. One of the drawbacks is that because it's free, some people don't value it as much. Depending on your MLM products, it could be something that needs to be used consistently to see results. In this case I always get a verbal commitment from the person that he or she will use the products as intended, and as often as intended. This verbal agreement will keep your prospect on track to get the best results which will increase their chances of becoming a customer.

Always Generate a Lead

The fortune is in the follow up, so you need to be able to follow up with the person to see how their experience was, answer any questions, and help them to order if they liked the product.

I used to give away samples to anyone I could find, big mistake. The people who didn't know me well, felt no need to answer my calls when following up, and I was just giving away tons of products.

There are a few things I always get when giving out samples online now:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

You should get these from every prospect anyway, but especially if you're gonna use the internet to allow people to get samples of your product.

I keep track of all my prospects using this CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Every professional uses one of these.

Even if you're not giving out samples online, still get this information. The email address is important so that you can follow up multiple times and send valuable information to them, which may over time allow them to see that your product is right for them. You can only call someone a few times before it gets excessive, but you can add someone to an email newsletter and email them valuable information a couple of times a week without being annoying. Make sure you tell them that you'll be adding them to your email list.

The reason I'm so adamant on the email list is that you can follow up with people and build a relationship over time. I've had people come and order products from me after being on my email list for 6 months, the time just happened to be right for them then.

Here's a little trick, if you're not that knowledgeable about the amazing benefits of your products, leverage your company tools. If you're in health and wellness for example, I'm sure your company puts out new articles on the latest greatest health benefits of your products, send these articles to your email list. If they're really into health, they'll love you for it. This can be applied to any niche, financial products, cosmetics etc…

Get a commitment from your prospect. Get a commitment from them to use the products as you recommend, get them to do other things in addition that they may need to do (eg. exercise if on a weight loss product), and confirm a date and time to follow up with them.

I like to let them know that if they enjoyed the product, I'll show them how they can order and get started. This way I'm letting them know, so it doesn't come as a big shock to them when I ask them to become a customer. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who think giving out free samples is just a fun game for us.

Ultimately, you want to do your people a service…

If they loved the product, you should get them to buy it. If they didn't like the product, then you shouldn't get them to buy it. It's as simple as that.

Be sure to give your prospect your MLM products list too. While they may not like the sample you gave them, they may be open to buying some of the best MLM products that your company has. Also, always have some MLM products to sell. I know we want to help them become repeat customers, but some people would rather buy something in person first than creating an account for something they're unsure of. I can relate to this, as sometimes I'd rather buy something locally than wait for shipping, if I don't yet see the full value in it. By having some extra product on hand for people to buy, you can help them to become a customer more smoothly.

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