MLM results post imageSo… How do you recruit people into your opportunity when you don't yet have any MLM results?

Many of us look at top earners, and think they have it easy because they have the results and can sponsor people at will. Is this what goes through your mind when you see someone making $10,000 a month, or $20,000 a month? Did you know you can also use your results to get there …

How to Use Your MLM Results Even If You Have None

Here's the system I used to start getting results. If you're not yet getting the kind of results you want in your business, I highly recommend checking it out!

People think it's easier to recruit people into your opportunity when you have MLM results that you can show. And to an extent, that's true, it is easier to recruit people into your opportunity when you have results. But remember, all those people with the results you want, were once where you are now. We all come into this industry starting from 0.

And if you see these people share their results, just know that you can do that too…

You may think you have no results, but chances are, you probably do.
Share your results, and teach others how you did it.

So if you have a big team, teach people how you did that (eg. a few hundred people). If you have a small team, teach people how you did that. These may not seem like much, but to some people a team of a few hundred would be huge, and to the person who's never signed anyone up, having a team of 10 would be amazing also. Most people in the network marketing industry never sponsor a single person, so there's a lot of people you can inspire with your results.

Start Sharing Your Network Marketing Results

So back to where I was…

If you have a big team, teach people how you did that. If you have a small team, teach people how you did that. If you make a lot of money (eg. $10,000/month) teach people how you did that. If you make a bit of money (few hundred $/month) teach people how you did that. If you signed up your first ever distributor, teach people how you did that. If you generated your first lead, teach people how you did that.

I think you get the point…

You can share these with people by any means, my favourites are through blogging and video, as you can see here.

Too many people in this industry are not willing to help. They help, only until they get someone in their opportunity. If you can help people, not just to join the opportunity, but also to get the results they want, they will love you. This is why I teach everyone. I teach people who are not even on my team, and people who are not even in the same company.

I share my MLM results quite frequently, and as I explained above, you can start doing the same.
If you're not yet generating leads, then you need to check out this tool that will help you with that.

I share my MLM results, and then I teach people to do exactly what I'm doing to get those results. When you start teaching others, you become the authority, and people will look at you as the expert. They'll also see that you're helping them out, you're not just trying to sign them up into your deal.

Some of these people will actually come and join you, because of the value you've provided. The more value you put out, the more you receive in return. I've seen this over the lifetime of my business. If I want to make more money, I literally give away more free value.

Now get out there and start sharing your network marketing results with others.

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