MLM success tipsHere's one of the biggest MLM success tips. Are you ready for it? Be human. Not really the success secret you were hoping for was it? But trust me, it actually is. Most people in the network marketing industry do the exact opposite, they're like aliens. You've probably noticed if you've been approached by a network marketer, that they come across, cheesy, salesy and desperate. So you're probably asking, what's a better way to build your network marketing business?

MLM Success Tips – Be Human

Well I'm glad you asked. So here's the problem with the traditional approach. You can smell most network marketers a mile away, and you can always tell their intention. Even online, they come with canned scripts. Now I love the network marketing industry, but if you're doing that, how's it working out for ya?

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I say this because it happens to me quite frequently. One example is I was chatting with someone in a Facebook group, and I added her as a friend. I asked her what she does, and she responded with a link to her opportunity, and a copy and pasted message telling me to watch the video, and to get back to her with questions and to let her know if I was ready to get started.

This is the absolute wrong way to do things!
Do you think this will attract or repel your prospect?

I hope none of you are making this mistake. I've seen this quite a bit, and it's poor and ineffective communication. The heart of network marketing is relationship marketing, we're building relationships. Do you think that example was effective relationship building? I don't think so…

In the network marketing industry, we get compensated, mainly for our communication skills. There are also sales and marketing strategies, leadership skills etc. but at the essence, it all boils down to communication because that's how you can build the relationship, and how you can get into the marketing and leadership. You can't do this if you can't effectively communicate with people. These are really MLM success tips that everyone should be taught when entering the network marketing industry.

So that example above, is not the best way to start communication. It looks very desperate, and very amateur. Nobody wants to join a desperate amateur in this industry, people seek out leaders and people who can get them to where they want to go. Not only does that approach seem amateur and desperate, you can tell that person isn't making any money.

So what should you do instead?

Be Human! Sounds pretty simple, right? Yet so many people do this wrong, they go into cheesy car salesman mode.

Just genuinely get to know people and build a relationship with them. They may be a fit for your team, they may not, and that's ok. Even if they're not, they may be a fit for your team somewhere down the line, and even if not that's perfectly fine too, you need to get out of that scarcity mentality and adopt a mentality of abundance. These are more MLM success tips that all new distributors should be taught.

I've made many friends on social media who are also in the network marketing industry, I don't try to recruit them, and they don't try to recruit me. We're genuine friends, we support each other and help each other out.

Here's another example. f you're a recruiter for an engineering firm, you're not just going to try to recruit everyone under the sun. You make sure that the person you recruit is qualified, and has the attributes you want in a team-mate. Yet in network marketing, most reps try to recruit everyone, you don't need every single person on your team, and not everyone will be suitable to work with you. Start being more selective.

This is your business, start treating it like a real one. If you're willing to work with just anyone, that again shows desperation. When you have a mindset of abundance, it will attract more people to you. People do not want to join those who have a mentality of lack. You know those people who chase every prospect. It's not a good look, and again it's not effective communication.

So, in summary, be human, don't be too eager, hold some of the power, and be confident in what you do.

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