MLM teamWouldn't it be cool if you could find a way to get people to join you in your MLM team, and not the competition. Imagine if people only wanted to join you, and wouldn't sign up under anyone else. That would be pretty amazing right? If this sounds like a skill you want to learn, check out the rest of the post. I'm gonna drop some nuggets which will help you position yourself as that leader in your prospect's eyes, and he or she won't even notice the competition…

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Why Do People Join an MLM Team?

First we need to consider, how do people choose an MLM team, and why do people join people in this industry? People join leaders, they join authority figures, and they join people who they perceive can get them to where they want to go.

Now I want you to realise this, no matter how you're doing in building your MLM team, even if you're struggling, remember, people are joining your network marketing company. People are joining by the hundreds, or even thousands every week.

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who sponsor 5, 10, 20+ people per month with ease, and others who struggle to sponsor a single person into their MLM team? What is the difference here?

Ok, let's think about this for a minute. If you're doing what everyone else in your company is doing, why should people want to join you? What makes you stand out?

Most network marketers just throw up their company pictures everywhere, they say things like “Come join my team,” “Do you want to learn how to make money from home?” etc.

You can learn more here on why this is extremely ineffective and hurts your brand.

MLM Team Building

Why should people join you and your MLM team? Why shouldn't they just go to your network marketing company's website and sign up on their own? Or why shouldn't they just Google a top earner in your company, and join them?

That might hurt to hear, but it's the truth. And I've seen it in this industry way too often in my 10 years in the biz. I also say this because you have so much more value to give, and there are some amazing ways that you can put it out there. You're probably thinking, how?

Attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is the best way I've found to do this. Attraction marketing is leading with valuable information and education on the front end, not just leading with your company and products. Here's some more info on how to do attraction marketing to get people to want to join your MLM team.

When you do this, people will be drawn to you. When you give value, people will love you and they will become hooked, and if they decide to join your company, they will want to join you, they will not want to join anybody else.

Now you don't have to create value, but if you don't, your prospects will seek out and follow someone else who is and become attracted to them and join them. If you don't give value, they will find somebody else valuable to follow, plain and simple.

And if you're wondering how to give value, here's a couple of examples.
Instead of just telling people to buy your product, talk to people about the benefit, explain how and why it works, educate and give information on it before asking for the sale. The same goes with joining your team, show the benefits of joining your team, business advice, what you offer, what you can teach people etc.

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