mlm tipsIn this article I will explain some of the MLM Tips you can get from Forrest Gump. That's right, I didn't make a mistake, Forrest Gump can teach you MLM tips…

Have you seen Forrest Gump? If not, I highly recommend you watch it. I'm gonna describe a bit here but not so much to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it. Despite not being about marketing at all, I think there are many network marketing tips we can learn from this film and I would absolutely recommend it in a list of mlm movies.

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Forrest is a simple man, never was very intelligent, yet he never let that stop him. He is incredibly good at taking direction. Ironically, this is what most of us are terrible at in our businesses. Forrest was extremely fast, so fast that he was chosen to play college football. And when the coach told him to run, he ran! In one scene he even kept running past the end zone and all the way into the locker room, because no one told him to stop. He just did what he was told and he ran with it – pun intended 😛

MLM Tips – Are you good at taking direction?

The tasks we have to perform in this industry aren't ground breaking. There's often a simple set of actions that we have to take. Yet most of us don't follow them. I was the same as well, until I realised how important my daily habits were to my success. Your level of success is a compounded result of your daily actions. This is one of the biggest network marketing tips I've heard. I always thought that some people were just successful or that they recruited the right people and got lucky. The truth is the success lies in their habits and daily actions.

In another scene, Forrest ran across the country. Through doing this, he attracted a lot of media attention and he built up a tribe. Before long he had an army of people running with him.

What can you learn from this scene? What I learned is that when you do something with a passion that people can see, people will join you. You don't need to convince everyone. When people see how much something means to you, some of them will feel compelled to check out what you are doing and join you on your journey. It's human nature to want to belong to a tribe.

We see this in sports teams, supporters clubs, or even part of a group of regulars down the pub or coffee shop. These are great mlm tips for beginners and we're often told this when we start. Have you ever heard of the term “ignorance on fire”? You have to refine this a little but the point is correct. We want to be excited and fired up about what it is that we're doing and just go out and do it.

If you need to create a blog, just do it.
If you need to make a video, just do it.

Whatever you do, it doesn't need to be perfect, just get started!
Think, what would Forrest do?

MLM Tips – Forrest Gump Achieved it All

When I say Forrest was simple, he had a very low IQ. Yet he was able to achieve so much, including wealth and fame, from just doing what he was told. What a novel idea. Many of us, myself included, try to change things. We try to alter the recipe, which may be great to create different tastes in the kitchen, but in marketing it will get different results.

MLM Tips – You Need a System

The key to Forrest's success is that he had a system. He was told what to do and he followed it until he was successful. Honestly, go and get the movie if you haven't seen it. It's one of the best out there. Back on topic, you need to follow a system if you're ever going to be successful in the network marketing industry. Talking to 2 people a day is a good start, but it just isn't going to cut it if you want to be a successful network marketer. You need to follow a system that all successful marketers follow. Some of the main things they do, that most marketers aren't taught, is to brand themselves, build their list, and make money off the people who don't join their opportunity.

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