MLM top earnersWhy is that some people just rock their network marketing businesses, while most struggle to build a team and even sponsor a single person? It might shock you to learn, but there are some secrets of MLM top earners. Now I don't mean some mythical secrets haha, I mean some actual strategies they take that allow them to become top earners and authorities in the industry. How would you like to learn those? I'm sure that would be of benefit to your business, right? Quick question for you, and then I'll get right into that.

Do you know what the 3 doors are in your business? You're probably thinking, what is he on about… Continue reading and watch the video post below to find out what that has to do with becoming MLM top earners.

The 3 Doors of MLM Top Earners

After watching this, most people will get the 3 doors concept, now how do you apply it in your business?
Here's how…

The 3 doors I mentioned, are the 3 different ways to let customers into your business that you can profit from. Most people are familiar with the first two.

Door 1 – Customers – So whatever your product or service is, you need customers. It's a great way to build your business, and ultimately, if people aren't using your product or service, you're not gonna get paid. So you need to bring customers into your business on a regular business.

Door 2 – Distributors – These people are still using the product or service but it also gives you the opportunity to leverage their efforts. Leverage is the essence of network marketing. Now you can go out and get all the customers you want, you don't have to build a team; however, for the purpose of leverage, it only makes sense to build an MLM downline.

Door 3 – Other Network Marketers – Most people in the network marketing industry completely ignore this door, but MLM top earners all use this third income stream. You can help other people, no matter which company or MLM downline they're in, and profit from that too. Look closely and you'll see that this is what all top earners do. Most people tend to miss it…

Imagine you're at a company event, and you see the MLM top earners on stage, or even if you see them online, chances are they're branding themselves as opposed to the company, and they offer additional tools and training. These are in the form of books, CDs (I know they're a bit outdated nowadays :P), seminars, courses, training weekend intensives, bootcamps etc. They have all these things that you can use to help you build your network marketing business.

The MLM top earners will profit from this, thereby building their business and their brand, even if you don't join their team, or if you're on a different team.

Which MLM Top Earners Do This?

Take a look at some of the top producers in network marketing such as Ray Higdon, Dani Johnson, Todd Falcone etc. and you'll see this in action.

Why is This So Important? Well this may hurt to hear, but 90% of people are not gonna join you, that's just fact. They may be happy in a business they're already in, they may be looking for a business but not want to join yours, and there's many other reasons but still, 90% of people will not join you, fact.

So now you have two choices…

  1. Say thank you very much, bye, next.
  2. You can help that person out and make some money in the process.

Which do you choose…

That was supposed to be a rhetorical question 😛 but if you don't choose option 2, you're leaving money on the table. When you can help more people out and also profit from it, that builds your brand, it allows you to give value to more people, and it allows you to open up that third door and generate an additional stream of income from the people who say no.

So now you can profit from the people who say yes to joining your business, and you can profit from people who say no to your business. That's huge, and it's a secret of MLM top earners. This additional income stream is one of the keys to building your business, especially in the start when you're building up your main network marketing business. This additional income is great to fund your marketing for your primary network marketing business.

That's actually one of the two main reasons people quit the network marketing industry, lack of leads, and lack of upfront cashflow.

You can get more information on how you can use that third door to profit from the people who say no, even without you creating any courses yourself, right here.

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