MLM video marketingIf you've landed on this page, chances are you're doing MLM video marketing, or you want to start doing it. Either way, that's great, because I believe that video is the absolute best way to create connections and relationships with your prospects.

One problem many people struggle with is how to start doing videos. Many people aren't comfortable, not confident, worried about getting judged, or know they want to do videos, but just don't have the motivation to get started. Do you fall in one of those categories? Continue reading to learn how to start doing video marketing.

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Why MLM Video Marketing

First, let's ask ourselves, what is the purpose of video marketing? Well for one thing, it's extremely high converting, but video marketing serves 3 main purposes.

  1. Brand yourself.
  2. Increase your exposure.
  3. Provide value.

Can you guess which of those is the most important? It's number 3, by far! You see, if you don't provide value, create useful content and help people, no one will care. No one will want to watch your videos and in turn it won't increase your exposure nor your brand.

Now, you may feel shy, maybe you're worried about what other people are going to think of you, or you're worried about messing up, but I want you to understand this. Your intent with mlm video marketing should be to give value. Giving value is the best way to attract people in this industry.

How to Get Over the Fear of MLM Video Marketing

If you're worried about being judged, but your desire to give value and serve people is higher, then it will win over. Something to ask yourself is… Are you more concerned with being judged? Are you more concerned with not looking great on camera? Are you more concerned with what people are gonna think of you? Or are you more concerned with providing value and helping others?

This is really what it boils down to. My videos are not about me, and yours shouldn't be about you. It should be about the people you can serve.

MLM video marketing is great for helping me build my brand, increasing my exposure and generating leads; however my main focus is always to help others. If you don't create quality content that addresses what someone wants to know, people won't check it out.

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When your desire to help people is greater than your desire to not look foolish, that's how you get over those excuses and start making videos.

A lot of people struggle with thinking they don't have much value to give. You may feel like that from time to time, but when you help people out, you will get messages from people thanking you for helping them. I get messages like this every single day, and you will too, when you help people out, trust me!

People love it when you can help them out, and what better way than on video. It shows that you don't just see them as a walking $ sign, and you're not just in it to sign people up, you're actually in it to help people. The fact that you're getting out of your comfort zone to do this, says a lot about the type of leader that you are.

And if you feel a bit uncomfortable, that's great. πŸ˜‰

The level to which you feel uncomfortable, is directly proportionate to the value you're going to be able to provide, the lives you're going to be able to impact, and ultimately the income you're going to be able to generate.

Finally, you will feel uncomfortable at first, do it anyway. It will get easier the more you do, I promise. πŸ˜‰

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