MLM websiteDo you know the problem with using your MLM website? You're probably using the website that your MLM company provided you., you know, the one that has your username and then the name of the company attached to it. This is what most people use and I'll tell you the issue with using it. There is a way to use it properly, but most people use it incorrectly. If you're using it this way, it's actually killing your business and losing you money… Do you want to know how to use it correctly?

Your MLM Website – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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When I say your replicated MLM website, I mean the one you have that's the same as every other distributor in your MLM company. It usually has your username in it, and the name of your network marketing company. I'm gonna tell you the pros and cons of it.

Let's start with the good. You have a website which makes you look like a professional. You want to show this to qualified prospects who are actively looking for a network marketing opportunity, and you've qualified them specifically for your MLM company. You should show them this when they're almost ready to make a purchase of your MLM product or join your team. You could also show this to your warm market like your family members or good friends.

Now the bad… You don't want to show your replicated MLM website to everyone like cold market prospects or people who don't know you. Why is this? Well we know that people generally don't buy on the first exposure, so what are people gonna do? They're gonna go to your MLM website, they're gonna check it out, take a quick look and decide not to buy today. Then they're gonna click the X in the corner, and they're gonna go away forever – it's just human nature to forget.

This is the main problem with replicated MLM websites. 

They're designed to provide great information on your MLM company and MLM products and services, but they're not designed to sell. These websites are also not designed to generate a lead and your prospect's attention will be all over the place. You definitely want to generate a lead!

Since the sale is generally not made on the first exposure, your prospect will likely leave your website. When you do generate a lead, you can follow up with the prospect and market to them over time. They will generally give you their name and phone number, in order to gain access to some information that they want. Now you can follow up with them and send them valuable information about your products, or other things. Now, when the time is right for them, they will come and buy from you when they're ready. If people go away from your site and you don't generate a lead, they may not return. That person may forget all about you, or they may find somebody else.

It also says that you're a dime a dozen. Everybody has the same website, so what brands you, what sets you apart and makes you stand out from the other thousands of people promoting your MLM company? Your prospect could just go to Google and find anybody else who is also promoting it. You may be the tenth person with that same website, and when they see it, do you know what goes through their head? ‘Oh look, another one of those sites.' They probably won't check it out.

So again, the company MLM website template is designed to provide information, but it's not designed to generate a lead, it's not designed to incentivize someone to take action, and it's not designed to brand you as a leader. This is exactly why your company website probably isn't working very well for you, unless you're sending highly qualified traffic to it – i.e. people who already see you as a leader and are looking to join your company.

What's the solution…

Don't Promote Your MLM Company On The Front End

The solution is to have your own branded capture page. A website that people come to with a compelling offer, and you give away some free valuable information, in exchange for the person's contact information. Your offer needs to be compelling to make your prospect want to provide you their information. You've probably been to one of these pages and given your contact details to get some free valuable information. This is how all big businesses build their list – think about company email lists.

Now you've generated a lead, you've got the contact details, and you'll follow up and market to your lead over time. Once you've gotten the lead, now they get access to the information that you promised them. This is a win-win scenario.

Have you heard “the money is in the list?” Well this is how you build your own list.
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The fortune is in the follow up. Well, if you don't have a list, you can't follow up with anyone, can you?

When you generate leads, daily, this is when you're really gonna start rocking your network marketing business. I hope this has taught you the goods and bad, and how to use your company replicated MLM website.

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