most successful network marketersHave you noticed that there are two types of people in the network marketing industry? I'm sure you have – there's people who do amazingly well, and there's others who struggle. Have you ever wondered what separates the most successful network marketers from the others?

It's not just dumb luck. And it's not just the company and compensation plan; if that were the case then everyone in that company would be successful or everyone would fail. It comes down to two things, that lead people to join you or buy from you. Don't worry, I'll explain both of those right now.

The 2 Reasons People Join the Most Successful Network Marketers

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The first reason is that people want to be like you, they want to have a certain part of your life. Maybe it's the way you communicate with others, maybe it's the lifestyle you live. It could be a ton of different things, maybe they just like your style. That's what it boils down to. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the person you joined in business, or the people that you buy from frequently and the people that you follow are people that you idolize. Not in every way, but in certain aspects, you want to be like them, more than just the information they give. The most successful network marketers realise that this is how network marketing works.

The second reason is very closely tied to the first. People join people who they perceive have a higher value than them in a certain area. So if you're a marketer (which I assume you are since you're reading this) then you join people who you perceive have a higher value in the realm of marketing. That person may be a slicker marketer, they may do blogs and you want to get into that, or videos and you want to do those etc. By these people stepping out of their comfort zone and doing these things, they can serve as inspiration for you to go and do that too and it even gives you permission to do it too.

The Most Successful Network Marketers Provide Value

Most successful network marketers know these two reasons and that's why they can present themselves in an attractive way to prospects. Network marketing secrets are meant to be shared. Most people want to keep them secret, but when you share them, you become valuable and sought after.

I'll give you an example. Anyone can do videos, but there's people on my team who had never dreamed of doing videos and now they're doing them. Even the people who told me they would never do videos are now making videos on a daily basis. Many people have even come and joined me simply because of the value they've gotten from my videos.

Think about it, would you join someone that you perceive to have a lower value than you? Probably not. 😉 We all strive to become better, and this doesn't even have to be related to the industry. If you play the drums, you're going to learn from somebody who is a better drummer than you, not a worse one. You will align with someone who has the skill set that you're trying to acquire.

You have a lot of value to give, now your job is to put it out into the world. In fact, you must! When you put yourself out there, you can inspire other people and show them that they can do it too. You also gain instant credibility by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that others won't.

Two people can say the exact same thing, but the person who has a blog and puts it on video will instantly have a higher credibility in the eyes of the prospect than the other. This is why you need to leverage different platforms, to allow people to see the value that you have. The value that you don't share is wasted. I know I'm using a lot of analogies, but think about a great singer who doesn't perform for anyone.

When you get in the habit of sharing your value, you will attract so many more people to you. No matter how small you think your value is, a lot of people want what you have, trust me. A lot of people want the lifestyle you have because it's a step up for them. You'll find this commonality in all network marketing success stories.

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