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In this article, I'm gonna tell you about how to use video marketing to generate network marketing leads. If you haven't done video, or you're thinking about doing video, let me tell you… It's hands down the best way to build a relationship with your prospects. This gets them to know, like and trust you, and if you come from a place of service and provide quality content to them, they will buy your products or join your team.

So I'm gonna dive into what do you actually say in your videos? This is where I find most people get stuck.

Multi Level Marketing Training – Videos Are the Best

Before I go any further, if you're wondering why video marketing is so powerful, go here to learn exactly why it's the most powerful form of marketing.

A lot of people tell me that they want to start doing videos, they just don't know what to talk about.

Video marketing, in my opinion is the most effective form of communication with your prospects, as you can actually build a genuine relationship with them and they can get to feel like they actually know you.

If anyone asked me how to be successful at network marketing, 100% of the time, I would tell them, do video marketing.

What to Say in Network Marketing Training Videos

The mistake that most people make when doing videos is they just talk about what they want to talk about. They talk about themselves, the company they're with, the products, the compensation plan. I've found that it's way more effective to find the questions that your prospects want to know, and answer those. Answer the burning questions that keep them up at night.

In our example of multi level marketing training, the concerns that keep your prospects up are most likely how to generate leads, how to get more sales, how to recruit more reps, how to find business prospects on social media etc. So these are the questions you should answer.

Now to answer these questions, you should know how to do them yourself. You do this by learning the skills of the industry so that you can then teach others how to do it. Here's a few network marketing training pdf resources I have for you when it comes to social media:

Network Marketing Training PDF Resources

Facebook Cheat Sheet
Instagram Cheat Sheet
Periscope Cheat Sheet + Live Demo
Facebook Live Stream Cheat Sheet + Live Demo

Those multi level marketing training tools should keep you busy for a bit 😉

So you want to make videos addressing the most burning and pressing questions of your target market. When you help them out and provide solutions, they will love you.

The best thing is this is virtually a never ending source of content. People will always have questions and concerns, just answer them.

I also have a free network marketing training specifically on videos for you.
A 24 Minute video which shows how two of my friends were able to dominate YouTube, and generate 14,000 leads in 8 months. How do you think that would change your business?
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If you're in a health and wellness MLM for example, you could create videos about how to lose weight without giving up your favourite foods, or how to regulate your blood sugar to release stubborn belly fat. In fact those would both be great topics to create videos on.

If you are in a health and wellness MLM, I created a blog post on the best way to market your health MLM online. Click here to check it out.

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