network marketing businessI wanted to stop in today and give you a tip about building your network marketing business around the holidays. The holidays are times when you get together with family and it's common for friends and family to ask you what you do. This will apply for Christmas, 4th of July, Canada Day, and other holidays. Any holiday is a great occasion to leverage to build your business, if you do it the right way. You don't just want to go and harass people about your business.

There's a couple of ways to do this, both offline and online, I'll get to those right now. You'll want to check this out, I've seen tons of people making these huge mistakes online.

Building Your Network Marketing Business Over the Holidays

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At offline gatherings, your main objective should be to peak interest about your network marketing business, peak curiosity, and then set a time that you can follow up at a later date. I've seen many people try to give presentations of their network marketing business opportunity and explain the compensation plan right at the gathering. You definitely do not want to do this. Firstly, you don't have the time, people will get distracted, and it's not very socially calibrated to try and talk business at a family event.

Nobody is there to learn about your business, they're there to enjoy themselves, so you should take that conversation away, to be had at another time with less distractions and where you can both focus.

Network Marketing Success Online

I've seen many, many people making mistakes with marketing their network marketing business online around the holidays. Many people post promotions like some kind of sale, because many companies do have these promotions going on. It makes sense for the company to run these promotions and to tell you share them, because you're giving them exposure, but think about what it's doing for you…

Put yourself in your prospect's shoes, when they come to your profile and see all these sales promotions on your profile, how does it look to them? I'll tell you exactly what they're thinking…

I go into a bit more in detail in the video, but your prospects see you as a sleazy salesperson. They see you as the Ray Ban guy… Do you wanna be that person? I assume not! If you want to create network marketing success that is. 😉

Again, the key is to create intrigue, you don't want to post sales stuff. If your profile looks like a sales pitch, no one will come to you, you will repel people. Social media belongs to the consumer, not the marketer. People come to social media to socialise with people, to be entertained, to catch up with friends etc. People don't want to see sales pitches. So much so that Facebook is now sending out surveys to ask people if they've seen people posting sales and if they want to see those posts.

I've left some resources below that will teach you how to create intrigue around your business on social media so that you don't look like the Ray Ban man, and drive people away on social media.

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