network marketing groups on FacebookChances are if you're a network marketer and you use social media, you're a member of some network marketing groups on Facebook. There's literally thousands of them, and you've probably posted your links in there, posted about your opportunity, and asked questions to get people to contact you about your business opportunity so you can help them get started if that's what they're looking for.

How's that working out for you?


Probably not very well… It didn't work out well for me at first either, until I learned what I was doing wrong and how I needed to use these groups correctly to get prospects. That's what I'll share with you in this article.

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Network Marketing Groups on Facebook – Waste of Time?



I can see why people might think that network marketing groups on Facebook are a big fat waste of time, I used to think the same thing, until I realised that I was simply using them the wrong way.

We think to post our opportunities and links into these Facebook marketing groups, so people can find the opportunity and join or request information, makes sense. Except this doesn't work.

If you notice the people in the network marketing groups on Facebook, nearly 100% of the people in them are involved in a network marketing company, and are using the group for the same reason you are. They want to find prospects, but all they're finding is other network marketers. There are some opportunity seekers in the Facebook marketing groups but easily 95%-97% of the group members are network marketers. You can check for yourself, all it takes is a message to learn that these people already have their own companies.

So in essence, all you're doing is putting up your posts, and they're putting up their posts, and nobody is getting anywhere from it. It's just like you're all pitching each other your businesses, hoping that one person will give up on theirs and come and join you. I hope you see that this is the wrong way to use network marketing groups on Facebook.

It's a never ending cycle, you're saying come join me, and they're saying come join me, and nobody's joining anyone…

Now it's not a bad thing to be targeting other network marketers, they are your target market, but you don't want to do it in this way.

Effective Marketing in Facebook Groups

The group members are already in their own opportunities and trying to make it work. You may have heard the industry statistic that 97% of the network marketing industry doesn't make any money. Well this is true, and this should set off light bulbs for you.

Instead of trying to get all these people into your company, instead, lead with value, and provide them with free training that will help them. Provide the solutions to their problems and they will grow to know, like, trust you, and view you as a leader. When you help someone out, they will view you as a leader.

People are much more likely to click on a training to learn how to build their business, than to join yours right away when they don't know you yet. Providing them with this information allows you to develop a relationship with them, and over time, they'll be more likely to come and work with you. Remember, people join people, they don't join companies. If someone perceives you as a leader, then they will come and join you. This is how I attract people to me from network marketing groups on Facebook.

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The types of value and training you can give away are videos and blog posts that you've created, addressing people's problems. eg. You could teach network marketers how to market on Facebook, Instagram, how to create compelling videos, how to close more prospects etc. If you're not at the point to create your own trainings yet, that's cool, I got ya covered. Click here to check out the system I use, that will give you amazing trainings from the industry's top leaders, to give away to prospects, and they become your leads to follow up with.

Here's the bottom line. If you solve your target market's problems, they will love you, they will see you as a leader, and they will want to work with you or buy from you. End of story…

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