network marketing jobThere's a mistake that I see lots of people making, in fact, probably 97% of the industry makes this mistake. Do you want to know what it is? It's advertising your network marketing job.

Can you see the problem here? Maybe you can, and maybe you can't. But a lot of people in the industry advertise their business as a network marketing job. I don't mean to be harsh, but I've gotta tell you what you need to build your business. This is completely incorrect…

So what's a better way to build your business? I'm glad you asked. Keep reading and watch the video below to find out…

Stop Advertising Your Network Marketing Job!


Many people begin their ads by saying we're hiring, or looking for health coaches, financial advisors, skincare consultants etc. There's a few major problems with this.

Firstly, it's not a job, so you don't want to present it as such.

Secondly, you're going to attract the wrong people this way. By advertising it as a job, you're going to attract people who want a job and people with an employee mindset. These people will expect to do a bit of work, and get paid right away. This is why most people in the industry fail, they don't have a long term vision and expect to make money right away. They treat it as a network marketing job, and not as a network marketing business.

So do you present your network marketing business as a business opportunity? This is way better than presenting it as a network marketing job, but it's still not ideal. You will attract more business minded people this way, and more people who see it as a real business that takes hard work and dedication.

But there's a better way still…

You see, nobody wants a network marketing job, and not many people want to start a network marketing business…

Network Marketing vs Job

Now, hear me out…

Nobody wants to leave their office job, to start a network marketing job as a health coach, financial advisor, travel agent etc. When was the last time you saw someone looking for network marketing positions?

Also, a lot of people don't want to start a business. What they actually want is the benefit that the business provides them. So this is what we promote.

People enter the network marketing industry for the lifestyle, the time freedom and the residual income, so this is what you should sell to people.

I don't tell people, I can show you how to start a business, you can invest this amount and do all these tasks.

I qualify people, I find out what they want, and I show them how they can get that.

If they want time freedom, I show them how they can get that, if they want a few extra hundred dollars a month, I show them how they can get that.

Sell the lifestyle. Nobody comes into the network marketing industry because they want a network marketing job, and very few people come in because they want a network marketing business.

Look at other top earners in the industry, they all do this. One of those is my friend Bill, he sponsored 1,277 people into just one of his businesses, don't you think he'd be a great person to learn from? You can learn his secrets of how he talks to his prospects here.

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