network marketing mindsetSo you claim to be a serious entrepreneur, but are you working on your network marketing mindset daily? It's stressed heavily in the network marketing industry yet many of us completely ignore this part. In my opinion, and the opinions of many others, this is the most important factor for success.

Try to find one successful leader who has been successful without working on their mindset. I bet you can't. This is one of the main network marketing success tips that all successful producers recommend.

In fact, I'd go a step further and say you can't find a successful entrepreneur who hasn't worked on their business mindset consistently.

Your network marketing mindset needs to be worked on DAILY. You can't do it once a week, once a month or whenever you feel like. If you want to get real results that is.

Here's a great post which also emphasizes the importance of mindset.

What Are Some Exercises For Your Network Marketing Mindset?


Reading books on network marketing mindset is crucial. These can be books that teach and build habits, books that teach the power of manifesting things, books that teach the Low of Attraction, books that teach entrepreneurship, books specifically about the industry etc.

I list a few books in this post that you may want to read if you haven't already done so. If you have, let me know what you think of them in the comments.


I started doing this recently and it has helped me to become far more aligned with my goals. Take 10 minutes out of each day to mentally rehearse what your future will look like. I recommend being specific here.

Think about where you will be, what you will do when I wake up, what do you do during the day, how is the weather, what are you eating, what results are you getting in your business, how much money are you making, how many prospects do you have you connected with each day, how many people are you signing up into your business each day.

The more specific the better, too many of us have a general method of just imagining what it'll be like. When you become more specific, it trains your subconscious to believe it – you might even walk outside one morning and wonder where you parked your Lamborghini haha.

Visualising these things makes it far more real. It trains our brains to focus on it and look for opportunities to make it happen. Working on your network marketing mindset through visualisation, when coupled with the right activities, is going to move you faster in your business than you can imagine.

If you can't even visualise being successful, how can you ever expect to be successful?


Positive affirmations are something that took a while for me to get the hang of, and now I do them daily. These are essential for your network marketing mindset as with visualisation, they retrain your brain.

As you repeat your affirmations to yourself day in day out, again it will hard wire your brain to act as if you are already in that state. eg. If you say I am so happy and grateful that I have a team of 1000 entrepreneurs who I help to fulful their dreams, you will start acting as if you already have a team of 1000. You can read a bit more on affirmations here.

Another great tip to improve your network marketing mindset for success is to associate with others who share a similar desire and a good network marketing mindset. The idea behind this is that you become like the 5 people you associate with most. And they can work with you and give you ideas. These people will make your mindset stronger so quickly. Either hang out with them in your local area or join a group or forum online.

Click here to check out a group of entrepreneurs that I'm part of. If you don't have a community to plug into daily, you're hurting your business.

Language Correction

The final one that has been big for me recently is language. Just the things we say can affect our mindset and behaviour. eg. I don't use the word try – it isn't in my vocabulary anymore. Think about it, have you ever said you'll try to lose weight, you'll try to pass a class, you'll try to eat healthier? By saying the word try, you've given yourself a way out, mentally. Trying implies that there's an option of failure, when in fact losing weight, passing a class and eat healthier are not things that need to be tried at all. There are methods for them.

“Do or Do Not, There is no Try” – Yoda

If you plug in and do what others have done to achieve that goal, you will get there. It will be easier or harder for you than others, we're all human and do things at different paces. You have to commit to your success. Commit to doing, not trying. This is one of the best network marketing success tips I learned.

A few more language corrections I use are “desire” instead of “need” and “intend” instead of “want.” We all slip up, just correct yourself if you catch yourself saying these things.

These strategies, when used together are sure to rewire your network marketing mindset for success.

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