network marketing productsWould you like to know how to get more people to buy your network marketing products? It's not just a guessing game. If you're been in the industry for a while you'll know that a small amount of people make a large number of sales, and the rest make up a very small amount.

Why is this? The people who sell more products know how to market, plain and simple.
Here's how you market yourself and attract buyers to you…

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How Most People Promote Their Network Marketing Products

There are two ways that most people market:

  1. The Tell Everybody Approach – You put it up all over social media and you phone everyone you know, to tell them about your business.
  2. You Tell People Who “Need It” – eg. For weight loss supplements, you'll tell the people who are overweight or unhealthy.

These approaches may seem good, but they're not very effective. I'll tell you why…

In the first case, if you're marketing to everybody, you're marketing to nobody. When you're marketing to the people who “need it” remember, people don't buy products they need, they buy products they want. If this were the case, everybody who needed something would go and get it, in this case, overweight people would already be making changes to drop their weight. Need is a factor, but people also have to want your product.

People have to want it badly enough to go and get it, you can't convince them. Remember, nobody likes to be sold, but everybody loves to buy. 😉

The solution then is to attract buyers. You find the people who already purchase the products and services that you want to promote and you market your network marketing products to them. This is a much more efficient approach because these people have already pulled out their credit card and they've proven that they're willing to invest in themselves.

Another example: Do you think it's easier to convince someone that they need nutritional supplements, or do you think it's easier to show somebody who already invests in nutritional supplements?

Obviously the second way will be more effective. You don't have to overcome these objections and you don't have to convince anyone – they've already bought before and proven that they are buyers.

All the most successful companies work this way. Why do you think companies take down email addresses when you buy things? They're building their list of buyers. They know that existing buyers are more likely to buy again, than a new customer.

You've probably heard that facts tell and stories sell, right?
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A Better Way to Promote Your Network Marketing Product

So how do you find and attract buyers?

Find people who you know are already purchasing what you have. For health and wellness, find people who are in fitness challenges or bootcamps online (Facebook groups), target and connect with people who follow fitness gurus, target people who follow well known nutritional scientists. These people are likely investing in something similar to what you have, or they've at least expressed an interest in it.

Now you don't just sell your stuff to them. You connect with them, you create a relationship with them and you help them out. Provide value to them and they'll be more intrigued and over time, some will come to buy whatever you're offering.

Here's another example, if you're in a travel company, target people who travel (travel groups, travel fan pages etc). Don't target people who never travel.

So in summary, find the people who are already buying the things that you're promoting, and create a relationship and give value to them. When rapport has been established and there's a need, either they will reach out to you, or you can recommend your network marketing products to them.

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