network marketing professionalsToday I'm gonna explain why you need to make friends with other network marketing professionals.

Many people in the network marketing industry don't want to make friends with other network marketers – either they see them as potential competition, or they figure that they already have a company and that they aren't good prospects. What if I told you both of these thoughts are completely wrong?

In fact to be successful in this industry, you MUST make friends with other network marketers! Read on and check out the video to learn why this is true, and how you'll uncover some of your best prospects this way.

Making Friends With Other Network Marketing Professionals

It is important to be of service to other network marketing professionals and offer them some value, not just pitch them your business. This tool provides you all the value you could ever provide to a network marketer.

Do you know why you should be friends with others in the network marketing industry? And no, it's not just because we're the coolest. 😉

You will actually get a ton of value from your relationships with other network marketers. Here's a scenario: A lot of network marketers won't make friends with other network marketers, and they won't make friends with others in their network marketing company because they see them as competition, and think that they can't make any money from that person.

This is a limited mindset.

Look around at all the top MLM leaders, they're all friends with other network marketers, either in their own team, their own company, or other companies. They don't try to recruit others, the main focus is just to establish a relationship.

Why would you do this?

Because, your network determines your net worth. When you're building your team, I'm sure you'd rather have qualified people to introduce to your opportunity rather than unqualified people. So would you rather expose people to your opportunity who are in the industry, or people who are not in the industry?

People who are in the industry have already proven that they believe in the business model. They've already pulled out their credit card and purchased before, they believe in residual income, they're not gonna give you silly pyramid scheme objections, they love the industry, they believe in personal development etc. They are, in a nutshell, the ideal prospect.

In this industry, people do jump from company to company, it's just a fact. Companies come and go, there are changes to the compensation plan, and some people just haven't found that company to call home yet.

When you make friends with other network marketers, if they like your style, your vibe, and the value you put out into the marketplace, some of them will become attracted to you over time and want to come and join you. This is because 97% of the industry isn't making any money, and when you're providing value to them and solving their problems, they will view you as an authority figure.

Also consider, what happens when a network marketing company goes under? What do the top leaders do? I'll tell you, they go and join other successful network marketing professionals that they've made relationships with.

This is why you see MLM top earners able to join a new company, and be back up to a six figure income in a matter of weeks or months. They also nurture their relationships with other network marketers, like I'm suggesting you do, and those people end up following them.

So What Do You Do When You Make Friends With Other Network Marketing Professionals?

First thing, what not to do… Don't pitch them your business! This will kill any kind of potential relationship, but you already knew that. 😉

Give value, make a friend, build and learn from each other. If someone is doing well in their company and is happy, don't try to recruit them, but if someone is looking for a new opportunity, is not happy in what they're doing, or not successful, you can see if they're open to your opportunity.

Because of the value I provide, a lot of the time I get people messaging me asking me which company I'm in and how they can join me. How would it change your business if you received these kinds of messages?

If you want to get these kinds of results, you can contact me above and I'll be happy to help you out.

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