network marketing prospectingYou've probably heard all the network marketing prospecting tips under the sun right? Think again. You may have heard a bunch, but have you heard ones that have actually worked for everyone that does them, and they can verify that?

Here I'm gonna give you my best prospecting tricks, to have you prospecting and closing like a pro. If you do these consistently, you will build an empire. Check out the video after the jump.

My 10 Favourite Network Marketing Prospecting Tricks

If you thought these prospecting tricks were HOT, there's 7 more for you,
right here. Implement these consistently, and you will build an empire.

So I don't do most of my network marketing prospecting offline, most of it is online, but I think a balance is best to really create network marketing success. Even if you're primarily an online marketer like I am, a lot of your team may not practise this, so I find it great to help my team with offline tactics as well.

There is an art of prospecting in network marketing, feel free to use whichever of these methods best suits your style.

MLM Prospecting Tricks

  1. Networking Events – Don't just go to these networking events and throw up on people about your business and hand out business cards like a cheesy car salesman. Your goal should be to say as little as possible about your business and collect as many contact's business cards as you can. I always leave with a bunch, and guess what I do… I call them! Strange, I know. 😉 These people are your best prospects. I go over the way to introduce people to your opportunity in the video.
  2. Card Grabs – You go around in your city to where cork boards are, and you grab cards from here, you give these people a call. These people are looking to increase their business and make more money, so they can be great prospects. This strategy isn't for the feint of heart, it is a bit of a hustler strategy. 😉 I call these people and see if they're open to creating a side income if it didn't interfere with what they're currently doing.
  3. Face to Face Interactions – This is the oldest method in the book for offline cold market prospecting, but again, most people do it completely wrong. One of my favourites is to do this in a restaurant. The reason for this is servers are social people, they talk to people, and they don't mind hard work. They make great prospects, and check out the tips I give in the video for the best way to do this.

The free training here contains an additional 7 network marketing prospecting methods.

Wanna know the key to making these MLM prospecting tricks work for you? It's consistency. If you're not consistent they won't work. That's the key to effective prospecting in network marketing.

One you prospect people, the next skill is network marketing recruiting. A lot of people don't like to say that, but it is an essential skill in the industry. I've got you covered there too, click here to check out a training from one of the best recruiters in the industry, and the single question that helped him earn 6 figures in his first year of using it.

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Did you get value from this post on My Top Network Marketing Prospecting Tricks? If so, feel free to drop a comment below to let me know what your best tip was, and share it around on social media.

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