network marketing teamHave you ever paid for someone's startup when joining your network marketing team? It can be tempting to help people out, especially if you think somebody will be a good fit; however, it's actually a bad idea. If you pay for someone's way into your MLM team, it will actually hurt your image, credibility, and it will actually hurt your business.

Do you want to know why? Check out the video below.

Network Marketing Team Building Strategies

Many people pay to have people join them, simply because they don't know how to attract people. If you struggle with that, you should check out this system that teaches you to attract people to you.

I actually see this happening, A LOT. I see this in person and I also see people doing this on social media. When people pay for others to join their network marketing team, they often pay for people's starter kit, or their initial order. The reasons for this are usually because you may believe in someone's ability to help build your MLM team, or you may just think it will help to build your network marketing team faster.

It can seem like a noble cause, especially if you think someone will do really well but they're just in a tough situation and can't afford to get started.

Here's something many people don't know… When I started my network marketing business, I was over $20,000 in debt, and yet I still came up with the money to get started. You can definitely help people out, but you do not want to pay their way in.

Even if you think it's a good idea, it's gonna hurt your credibility because if you had tons of people coming to you to want to work with you, you wouldn't have to pay for people. This is exactly what it says to your prospect, it shows that you're not building a thriving organisation. Ir pretty much shows that you're not having anyone join you. This will never lead to network marketing success.

Most people want to join someone successful, and this shows quite the opposite. The duplication aspect will also hurt you. The people who you bring in through this method will think that they'll have to do the same thing. if you pay for someone to join your network marketing team, others will assume that they have to do the same to create network marketing success.

How to Build a Team in Network Marketing

So what can you do when someone wants to join your network marketing team but just can't afford it? I suggest that you work with people, help them to change their budget to see where they can cut back, organise an event like a garage sale or a car wash, something to come up with the money that you can work with them on. This makes them appreciate it more as they're doing the things to come up with the money to invest in themselves – you're not the one paying their way into your network marketing team.

So these two reasons, looking desperate and encouraging this duplication, this is why I highly recommend against using this ‘strategy.'

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