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In case you missed the Richard Branson network marketing interview, I'll give you the recap. Sir Richard Branson was interviewed by Eric Worre Yesterday on the network marketing industry. Richard Branson is one of the most iconic entrepreneurs on the planet so for him to be interviewed on network marketing is great for the industry. I took notes to share with you of course. I'll cover the interview, and a few of my key takeaways from it.

Richard Branson Network Marketing Interview

The interview opened with Eric Worre asking Richard Branson about his first business venture. Before I tell you what he said, let me just say this really hit home for me.

Richard said that his first business venture didn't make any money; however, it was successful. It was successful because although he didn't turn a profit, he learned a lot about starting a business.

(This is something that more network marketers need to take to heart. Not making money isn't a failure right away, you need to learn the principles of the business. Personally I see failure as part of entrepreneurship, we fail forward in this industry, and nearly all successful people have failed before achieving success).

He also said that creating an audience and being able to give value and serve that audience was huge. (I take this very personally in my business, so to hear this from him was encouraging).

Eric asked what Richard looks for in a potential business partner. Sir Branson explained that he looks for people who are great with people, people who have a good personality, and people who praise and don't criticize. He also mentioned that you want some “zany” off the wall types of people, and that many companies tend to get rid of people who don't fit into the box.

When asked what he thought of the network marketing industry, Richard Branson said:

“So I'm a tremendous believer in network marketing. I'm a great believer in entrepreneurs, I think all the future jobs in the next 20 or 30 years will be created by network marketing entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs around the world. Starting off from scratch or starting off very small and making a real difference in the world.”

He also had some advice for network marketers between now and the Go Pro event. (In case you're unfamiliar with Go Pro Recruiting Mastery, it's an event put on each year by Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro and it's the largest generic network marketing training event on the planet). Ok back to Branson…

He recommended to think bigger and set yourself a seemingly impossible task and strive to get there. Screw it, let's do it. 😉 His iconic catchphrase.

As entrepreneurs, we say yes, tell the world and then figure it out.

When Eric asked Richard what his greatest fear was, he replied by saying that his greatest fear in life is saying no to something. He'd rather say yes and give something a shot, even if it means falling flat on his face; it's better than not even trying it at all.

Key Takeaways From the Richard Branson Network Marketing Interview

So the Richard Branson network marketing interview was short, but it served its purpose to illustrate his thoughts on the network marketing industry, and Sir Richard Branson will also be speaking at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Las Vegas in December. Will you be there?

My main takeaways was moving forward in the face of adversity. Every entrepreneur has come up against doubt, it's your job to face it head on and make it happen. Will you do it? I also felt a parallel when he said that he would rather fall flat on his face than turn down an opportunity.

All the most successful entrepreneurs follow a turnkey system. This has been pivotal to my success in the network marketing industry. If you want to take your business by the horns and really take charge of your success, check out the system I use.

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