success in network marketingHave you struggled with being new to network marketing? We've all been there at some point, how would you like to learn how being new can actually be one of the best positions you can be in, and even lead to success in network marketing?

There are of course pros and cons to being new, but in my opinion there are far more pros to being new, IF you hit the ground running and commit to making a serious business decision. Watch the video below to learn why I think being new is such a benefit and how to capitalise on it.

Being New Leads to Success In Network Marketing Video

If I were new to network marketing, again, this is the training platform I would use… It shaved years off my learning curve, my only wish is I found it sooner.

First, do you ever struggle because you're new to network marketing? Remember, we've all had to start somewhere, and what you may consider new may not be what others consider new. Did you know that being new to network marketing can actually be a very good thing?

Hear me out… When you're new, you're seeing everything for the first time and you have the chance to form new habits. You may have heard that your success is dependent on your habits, this is why being new can be so key. Imagine a child learning something, they're very open to take it all in. They don't have to unlearn things and this is why people often say that skills are learned better when you're a child.

Children don't know how to walk, talk, read, write, run etc. but they learn it. This is what you have to do in your business, except you have different skill sets to learn such as prospecting and recruiting. Going through training and applying it is one of my network marketing success secrets.

Before we go any further, here's a great training on prospecting, and here's one on recruiting that will really help you out. They're some of the best in the industry and I've personally been through both.

How to Create Success in Network Marketing…

This is pretty simple, it's the same process in anything in life. As network marketers we tend to overcomplicate it sometimes… You take training from people who have done it, and you apply it until you get the result.

So let me ask you, which training courses are you currently going through?

Follow the people who have had success in the area that you want. Some people may have been successful, but not in the area that you want, emulating their efforts won't be the best for you.

Being new to network marketing is one of the best positions you can be in, especially if you're reading this. You can use being new as something to hold you back, or something to push you forward… Which is it? By the way, if you have new teammates who are also struggling with this, you can deliver the same message to them to help them get past it.

Have that long term vision. Don't think about today or tomorrow, think 3 months, 6 months, maybe even a year down the line… If you keep learning new skills and applying them, where will you be? I guarantee, if you do this daily, you won't recognise your business in just a short period of time. 😉

Too many people are looking for success in network marketing today, have some vision and a long term mindset.

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