successful network marketingWe're halfway through the year, and now's the perfect time to look back on the goals you set out for yourself at the start of the year. It's very common for most people to make new years' resolutions, or at least have new goals for the year. I'm gonna give you some tips on successful network marketing goal setting; I'll tell you how to hit your goals if you missed them, and how to exceed them if you're currently on track with them. Sound fair? 😉

Successful Network Marketing Goal Setting

Setting goals is half the battle, now you have to take the actions to make them happen. 
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At the start of the year, you probably had big goals for your successful network marketing business. Did you hit them, exceed them, or fall short? No matter where you found yourself, you can turn it around and do even better. When people are looking at how to get into network marketing, goal setting training should be mandatory.

Most people feel bad when they don't hit their goals in their network marketing business. If you're in that situation, I want you to give yourself permission to release that. What's happened up until this point, isn't a predictor of what's gonna happen for the rest of the year IF you're willing to change your mindset and your actions; if not, then you'll probably get the same results.

If you're willing to change, and embrace some new concepts, you can literally turn your business around 180 degrees.

What's the difference between people who hit goals, and those who don't? One key component is writing them down, and another key component is having goals that you can follow.

Having SMART goals is a great way to have goals that you can hit by breaking them up into steps. Check here for a definition of smart goals, and watch the video to learn how to create smart goals in your business, and how to apply them.

Once you have your SMART goals, as I outlined in the video, now you can break them down into actionable items done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. eg. Talking to people daily, putting on a webinar weekly, going to networking events monthly. Even successful network marketing companies sometimes fail to remind people to do this.

Keep your goals written, and visible. Notice how a lot of successful people do this? 😉

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