the miracle morning reviewWhat if you could wake up tomorrow and all areas of your life were transformed? You know how you used to feel on Christmas as a kid … what if every morning could feel like that? In fact it can, even if you're not a morning person. In my The Miracle Morning review, I will outline how Hal Elrod can teach you success habits to transform every area in your life, in his book The Miracle Morning.

Hal is a perfect candidate to speak on this, he has overcome far more adversity than most people's problems of hating their jobs, or being a slave to their snooze button in the morning.

You see, Hal died…

He was in a car accident, hit head on by a drunk driver and pronounced dead at the scene. He was brought back to life shortly after, through the wonders of modern medicine. His body was completely disfigured and he was unable to move or walk for the longest time.

I'm gonna save Hal's story for you to read, but in my The Miracle Morning review I will outline the key components Hal goes over to living a fulfilled life each day.

We imagine successful people being happy, because they are successful. In fact it's the other way round. When you are happy every day, love your life, love getting out of bed and facing the day, this is when you become successful.

No one ever got successful by hitting the snooze button 8 times and drinking a litre of coffee.

This may be where you're currently at, I was also a slave to my snooze button. Think about what you're actually proclaiming when you hit the snooze button, you're saying “no thanks life, I don't want to get up and live you.” Is that really how horrible your life is? That you don't want to live it because you'd rather stay in bed? You may think you just want a bit more rest but what that is doing is subconsciously is setting the tone for the rest of your day.

In reality we don't often need more sleep. I bet you never needed more sleep on Christmas Eve as a child, or the night before a holiday…

In the Miracle Morning, Hal explains the concept of Life S.A.V.E.R.S.

All of these are to be done out of your bed, out of your bedroom preferably so you don't have the temptation to go back to sleep.

You get up a couple of hours earlier than you normally would (Hal outlines some tricks for getting you up and about, and making sure you don't fall back asleep) for most people this would be around 5 or 6AM.

The Miracle Morning Review – Miracle Morning SAVERS

Silence – Hal recommends starting off your day with a few minutes of silence, practising activities such as meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing and gratitude.
Affirmations – Your affirmations should be a statement that is aligned with what you want to accomplish, written as though you've already accomplished it. Muhammad Ali is a big believer in affirmations “It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” You can learn to make your own miracle morning affirmations here.

Try to make the affirmations as personal to you as possible. This is how I've had the best results using them and Hal recommends doing the same.
Visualisation – Visualisation is the process of imagining exactly what you want to achieve or attain, and then mentally rehearsing what you'll need to do to achieve or attain it. Will Smith and Jim Carrey are two well known advocates of visualisation.
Exercise – Get the blood flowing and the heart pumping in the morning.
Reading – Read books that are in alignment with your goals. eg. If you want to become wealthy, read a book on wealth creation and mindset. If you're not much of a reader, start with 10 pages per day.
Scribing – Essentially a fancy word for writing (I think SAVERS sounds better than SAVERW, or he could have made it WAVERS). This can be journalling, eg. a gratitude journal. I write my tasks to accomplish throughout the day.

The repetition of the Miracle Morning SAVERS is a big key for me. It will help you achieve a higher level of discipline. Disciplined actions lead to success.

The book also includes a Miracle Morning 30 day challenge which you can take here.

We often think things are hard or that we can't do them. Yes it's gonna be hard, everything worth doing in life is hard. What's cool is that the pain doesn't last very long. If you've done new things you'll know what I mean. Starting an exercise routine can be horrible at first but after the initial 10 days it gets easier. After 20 days it becomes harder to stop exercising than it is to keep doing it. This is the same with most things that are hard, it's only the initial part that's hard.

The Miracle Morning Review – Miracle Morning Summary

Get up an hour or two before you usually do. Perform the Miracle Morning SAVERS, in whichever order you prefer. Start off with as long as you can do and aim to increase the time you do each one. Do this consistently and make it part of your routine. While doing the Miracle Morning SAVERS you should change things up over time. Adjust your Miracle Morning affirmations accordingly to meet new goals, visualise new things to keep your focus fresh, consider switching up your morning exercise routine when you get used to it. Remember to make it your own, you will be the one doing it after all.

The main takeaway I got from this book was to add things to my morning routine. All successful people have a morning routine. We all do, but for most of us it involves hitting the snooze button repeatedly, showering and brushing our teeth, and guzzling down coffee before we leave the house. This morning routine isn't setting you up for any kind of success.

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