tips for network marketing successHere are some of my top tips for network marketing success – on Sundays! I know most people hate Mondays, these tips will make your Monday and your week easier and more productive. You can spend more time on money making activities, while your marketing pulls in leads for you like clockwork.

Tips For Network Marketing Success – Treat Your Business Like a Job

One of the best tips for network marketing success I discovered is to treat your business a bit like a job. You should know what you're going to do on each day. If you just wake up and wing it in your business, you won't succeed.  When I decided to supercharge my Sundays. I decided to plan out my blog content, video content, make a list of how many new people I'd connect with on each social network, even down to how many people I'd plan to expose my business opportunity to. Real business owners have a schedule and track these metrics, do you?

If you ask any top mlm leader, this is how to succeed in network marketing. You need to treat it like a real business, with real tasks and deadlines. If you've had a job, you'll know there's certain tasks to be done by a certain time. Treat your business the same.

Successful network marketing companies often lack real business training. They tell you to talk to people which can work, but it's far more effective if you know how many people you're going to talk to per day, how many people you're going to follow up with, how many people you're going to have view a presentation etc.

My secrets – What Do I Do Exactly?

People ask me what I do exactly, to have success in my network marketing business. I'll share with you my personal tips for network marketing success. Here's what I do on Sundays.

  • Images and graphics – I create and schedule out my images for the week. Images that go on Facebook and Instagram. I often create my own to brand me, I have them done and scheduled so I don't have to worry about anything else except posting. I make note of the time to post and set a reminder. With Instagram I also plan out hashtags for the pictures.
  • Blog posts – I create notes of my blog content. I blog almost daily, now I don't write 5-7 posts on a Sunday, but I do come up with the idea for the content, create the image, decide the keywords I'm going to target and jot down a few main points for the post. Now when I come to write my blog post, I have a rough idea and I can let the words flow. This way my blog posts take less time and I can focus on other tasks.
  • Videos – I create or make notes of videos. So I include videos in my blog posts, and I often make short videos with tips for network marketing success, to go on Instagram and Facebook. Since these are shorter videos, sometimes I make them all at the weekend, and sometimes I have the content written out so I don't have to worry about the video topics. This has decreased the time I spend making videos, it takes me less time to create the video when I know roughly what I am going to say, instead of pausing, stuttering and having to do 57 takes.
  • Email content – I share daily tips for network marketing success but sometimes it's difficult to come up with content on the spur of the moment. Having your content topics scheduled allows you to either write some notes, or write out the emails in advance. This is a major time saver since you can also schedule them to be sent at certain times.
  • Posting in groups – I don't use autoposters, if you do, you can schedule your group activity. I explain here why you should be using groups in your network marketing business. Posting in a bunch of groups takes 5 or 10 minutes, but it can be a laborious task. I do it manually, but you can schedule out your content to post in groups at certain times. This can be helpful if you're busy at that time, the content can still be posted when you want it to.

That's what I do for my content. If I have leads to follow up with, I also schedule those instead of winging it. When you do things on time and consistently, people begin to view you and treat you as a professional. For example, people know that I blog almost daily.

They know what to expect and that they can come to my blog and there will be a new article helping them in their network marketing business. You also eliminate the time between tasks wondering what to do next. These are the tips for network marketing success that people don't tell you.

Hopefully these Supercharged Sunday tips for network marketing success have helped you out and encouraged you to schedule your own activities to create more structure and time freedom during the week.

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