In my opinion, MLM mindset training is the most fundamental building block of network marketing.
This is where you will get the will to continue despite…

  • The will to continue despite what friends and family say
  • The will to continue despite rejection
  • The will to continue despite countless hours of training with no results


Why Don't People Do MLM Mindset Training?

There are 2 main reasons why I think distributors don’t do as much mindset training as they should.

  1.  Consistency: A lot of new distributors are not used to treating their MLM business like a real business and don’t realize that you have to be consistent, every single day. I used to study mindset training every few days, until I realised that I needed to do it daily to become successful in network marketing…You wouldn’t go 2 or 3 days without food would you? I hope not!
  1. Lack of immediate payoff: This is a business. In any business, there is an investment in order to get a return. In this case, the investment is time and attention. Everybody understands that they need to spend time learning when they go to school, university or any other course, yet they treat this skill set differently. Perhaps the industry has downplayed the importance of mindset training or maybe leaders have not been diligent about emphasizing the importance of it. Take it from me, having been around the industry for several years, and struggling through many of them, once I started focusing on mindset daily, my results began to change.

What MLM Mindset Training Do I Do?

I’m glad you asked. There’s no shortage of great mindset training materials.

mlm mindset

If I were to list all of them I’d be here all night so I’ll give you a few of the books that were key for me. If you’ve read any of them, let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – A classic; a must read for anyone in the industry.
  • The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy –  Critical for developing the habits of successful people. Many entrepreneurial friends, including CEOs, have told me how influential this book has been.
  • The Slight Edge  Jeff Olson – Your small actions make a difference…
  • Your First Year in Network Marketing – Mark Yarnell –  How to achieve MLM success
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T Harv Ecker –  Open your mind to allow yourself to make money. You may be sabotaging yourself.

Treat MLM Mindset Training Like Your Job

Make mindset training part of your day, schedule it in.

Imagine if this was a daily task at your job. You’d be fired if you didn’t do it, right…

You can’t skip this! Ask any 6 Figure Earner in MLM marketing; mindset training is mandatory!

If you don’t like to read or struggle to find time, most MLM mindset books are available in audible formats so you can learn in your car, on your phone, or whatever device you have and listen to them on the go.

You only need to find as little as 10 minutes per day!
You can do that can't you?

Dreaming big is critical in our industry.

In order to dream big, you must surround yourself with other big dreamers.

Don’t think you can do this hanging around the same negative people. I still have friends like that, but I am committed to my success, so I commit myself to being surrounded by other big thinkers. You may have heard that you become like the 5 people you associate with the most…this is scarily accurate. I’ve experienced it first hand.

Spend time with people more successful than you, this will do wonders for your MLM mindset, it is essentially MLM mindset training while spending time with friends. Look into their world, think a bit bigger, and get inspired.

After reading this I hope you are inspired to go and share this with others and aid in their mindset training.

If you are not part of a group of entrepreneurs who share mindset and other tips daily, you need to click here.
Note: A group of positive minded entrepreneurs in your network is critical to your success.

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