home business leadsAre you using content marketing for home business leads? In this post, I will explain why it's absolutely essential for you to use content marketing, in addition to prospecting for your home business.

The Importance of Creating Content for Home Business Leads



Most people in the home business industry, only make money when they make sales. Sure we have the potential to earn residual income, but actively, we're only making money when we make sales until we get to that point. To do this, we need to actively be prospecting. So when you're not prospecting for your home business, you're not finding new customers, and talking to people, thereby generating home business leads, you're not making money.

Why I love creating content so much is that when I create a blog post or a video, that content stays out there on the internet for me, forever.

People can find this content in the search engines, they can find it on YouTube, they can find it if they come to my blog. It's like owning a virtual piece of real estate on the internet that's working for you around the clock to give value to your prospects, build a relationship with them, and allow them to opt in as home business leads.

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Have you seen that episode of The Office where business leads are being handed out? That just crossed my mind, don't be like these people fighting for leads, generate your own home business leads instead.

So even when I take a bit of time off my business, to do whatever I choose, like snowboarding in this case, I'm still able to generate new home business leads, expose my offer to new people, and make money. I want to teach you how to do this too. This is true leverage. Click here to learn how all the top earners leverage in this way.

Residual income is only half the equation, you need to generate residual network marketing leads too in order to not be tied to your business, and also have it grow while you are not actively working on it; again, this is leverage.

Until you have a huge team who are duplicating your efforts and your business is growing and generating more network marketing leads and signups, without any input from you, you are essentially trading time for money.

This is often done in jobs, but as a business owner I'm sure that's not what your goal is. Successful businesses don't trade time for money, they create content that can be found by a potential customer, and generate leads and sales.

This is not just restricted to the home business profession. All major companies do business this way. For example, if you were to search for golf clubs, you'll find a page or blog post from a major retailer of golf clubs which will educate you on the clubs to encourage you to buy them (generate sales). There will also be a place for you to enter your email to receive some follow up value, (generate leads) even if you don't buy the clubs right away.

Content can take many forms, my favourites are blog posts and videos because the search engines love indexing that content and ranking it high. Social media updates such as Facebook status updates, Facebook notes, Twitter status updates, Instagram images etc are a form of microcontent.

Your audience can still see them, they're just not visible for as long. I use both in my business, and the majority of my juicy content is on my blog posts and in my videos.

How Does Creating Content Help You Generate Home Based Business Buyer Leads?

Creating content establishes you as an authority. By simply leveraging one of these platforms, and providing high quality content, you become the expert that people seek out and they will flock to join you.

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