cold market recruitingAre you good at cold market recruiting? I'll let you in on a little secret, if you want to be successful in network marketing, you're gonna need to be good at it. In this post, I'm gonna teach you why cold market prospecting and recruiting is critical to your success.


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Remember when you got started in your network marketing career? You probably saw the products and loved them, saw the opportunity and loved it, and saw a bunch of circles beneath you. Now, if you're anything like me, your eyes probably lit up and you thought ‘If only I could share this with a few other people who also see the vision, and they share it with their networks, this will really blow my business out of the water.'

I want to ask you, how did that work out for you?

If it didn't, you're not alone, it didn't work out for me either, in fact, I'll share my results.

I thought I was going to make it with just my warm market. I signed up two people the very next day, and 6 other friends shortly after. As you may have experienced, this honeymoon phase didn't last. All 8 people quit on me and I was left with only a couple of product users. I was back to square one, with no money, and no circles beneath me.

I'd burned through my warm market list of 100 names, so I decided I had to do some cold market prospecting and cold market recruiting.

What is Cold Market Recruiting?

Cold market recruiting is adding team members to your business, who you don't currently know.

Most people are taught to build a business with their warm market. This is a great place to start, but this often isn't enough qualified people to build a solid business. All 8 people that I introduced from my warm market quit on me. So I turned to cold market prospecting.

Traditional Cold Market Prospecting Techniques

Once people have burned through their warm market, the common advice is to begin cold market prospecting. This is usually done through stopping people at shopping malls, the 3 foot rule, questionnaires, leaving cards on car windscreens, and other activities. These may get you a lot of calls; however, these are not very qualified leads. I did all of these.

Then people turn to strategies like advertising and buying leads. Again the problem here is that these people are not targeted, so while you may get a lot of “leads”, they do not want what you have to offer.

When these leads found out I was promoting a home business to them, they'd hang up on me and not return my calls.

While these people wanted to make money from home, they didn't want to invest in personal development, mindset training, prospecting, getting out of their comfort zone, etc. This is the problem, you need to target the right people.

Imagine you are selling steaks and all your leads are vegetarian, that's what this is like.

You may get a few people into your business this way, but it's not efficient. Once you define a target market and focus your efforts towards them, cold market recruiting becomes a breeze.

Why Do You Need to Do Cold Market Recruiting?

There are 2 reasons, apart from running out of people to talk to, why we need to do cold market prospecting and cold market recruiting:

  1. Attrition – The lifespan of the average network marketer is only 90 days! Therefore you need to be constantly adding people to your business.
  2. Duplication – Your team will be more likely to do what you do. If you're prospecting and recruiting, so will they.

I was fed up of these tactics so I went online and found a better way. I learned how to leverage the internet, social media and content platforms to get more high quality targeted leads, who are interested in joining a home business? If you'd like to learn how to implement the same strategies in your business. Click here to access the free training.

Does it seem like a better way to do business if you find people who want what you have to offer and reach out and connect with you asking how they can join your business?

I like to do most of my cold market prospecting online, but offline is still a great way as long as you define your target market correctly. If you wish to do that, check out these cold market recruiting scripts here as a guideline.


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